Fr. Pavone urges voters to pay close attention to pro-life bills in the U.S. Senate

Priests for Life

Publication Date: February 13, 2020

TITUSVILLE, FL -- Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today urged voters to pay close attention to two pro-life bills that could advance to a vote later this month.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell this afternoon filed a motion to begin debate on two bills, S. 3275, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, and S. 311, the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act.

“Both of these bills are important and necessary to pass to protect our most vulnerable brothers and sisters,” Father Pavone said. “Babies from 20 weeks of development forward would be protected by the Pain-Capable bill. Americans overwhelmingly support legislation to protect unborn children who can feel pain.”

The Born-Alive bill, he noted, offers protection to children who survive abortion.

“The House Judiciary Committee this week held a hearing on the Born-Alive bill and Democrats repeatedly tried to cast it as a bill that would restrict abortion access, but even they know that’s not true,” he said. “What this bill would do is protect babies who survive abortion and are struggling for life. Rather than allowing abortionists to let them die, or worse, cause their deaths, this bill requires life-saving treatment in a hospital for these children, with penalties for abortionists who do not comply.”

Votes to end debate on the two bills are expected the week of Feb. 24. Sixty votes are needed to advance each bill to a floor vote.

“From now until those votes, we have to pray that 60 senators will be able to summon the compassion and strength of character to bring these important bills to a vote,” Father Pavone said.

Noting that 35 Senate seats will be decided in the November elections, Father Pavone said, “Pro-life voters should make sure to let their senators know they will be watching this cloture vote closely.”

Priests for Life (www.EndAbortion.US)  is the world’s largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated exclusively to ending abortion. Pro-life efforts are working. The abortion rate in America is the lowest it has been since Roe v. Wade and in recent years states have passed more than 400 laws to protect the unborn. The number of freestanding abortion clinics in the U.S. has dropped from 2179 in 1991 down to 710 today, and President Trump has placed 187 (and counting) pro-life judges on the federal bench.





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