Decent Burial, and Names, for the Thousands of Hoarded Fetuses in Mayor Pete’s South Bend

An interview with Rev. Frank Pavone, of Priests for Life, who took part in the funeral.

John Zmirak

The Stream -

February 13, 2020

Why were you involved in a funeral ceremony for the 2,246 medically preserved fetuses found in the private collection of dead South Bend abortionist Ulrich Klopfer? Aren’t those just medical waste under U.S. law? Are there states where they do receive human burial?

Actually, the service was for 2,411 babies, because an additional 165 bodies were found on another property of abortionist Klopfer.

I was involved in this service, as I have been in participating or organizing similar services around the country. We have to give honor to these aborted children, amidst a society that dishonors them. And we must bury their bodies with reverence, after the abortion industry treated them with such irreverence. We have to pay attention to them, as our brothers and sisters, in the bright light of day after they were killed in secret.

As for the distinction between these children and medical waste? It is appropriate that this burial occurred in Indiana. Because the State of Indiana does have a law requiring aborted babies to be treated reverently, either through burial or cremation. This law, moreover, was recently upheld by the Supreme Court. This means that many more states will pass such laws in the near future. A bill has also been introduced in the US Senate to make this a federal policy.

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