Fr. Pavone Blasts Catholic Fake News for Misleading Coverage

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Publication Date: July 27, 2020

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Titusville, FL – Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, called out the hypocrisy of media outlets this morning regarding their coverage of his relationship to the Trump Campaign.

“I am advocating for the re-election of President Trump. That is not primarily a political advocacy, but a moral one. There are numerous reasons why neither I nor any other believer or patriot can vote for Democrats in this election. And I will be more loud and clear about that in these next 99 days, when my fulltime work will be to communicate that moral message.

“Because I am a priest in good standing, and was told recently by the Congregation for Clergy that as a priest I am not supposed to have any official role in political parties, I was obedient to that requirement.

“And now, I see headline after headline, article after article, by Catholic outlets that have given zero coverage to my years-long advocacy of the President, but now want to make it look like I’m distancing myself from him or reducing my commitment to his re-election. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

“As if we are supposed to distance ourselves from the most pro-life President in history and instead embrace Biden who wants no restrictions on abortion and wants us to pay for it…. As if we are to back away from the President who is supporting the freedom of the Church more than the bishops are, and instead embrace Biden who wants to restore the HHS mandate which various dioceses, Priests for Life, the Little Sisters, and numerous others fought all the way to the Supreme Court… as if we are to back away from the President who defends America and instead embrace the Biden-Sanders vision of socialism… as if we are supposed to distance ourselves from President Trump who advocates for the rights of students to pray in school and speak their mind on campus, and the rights of parents to send their children to Catholic schools or any other school of their choice…and does countless other things that benefit the Church and our security and prosperity as Americans.

“Like hell.

“This pattern of reporting is hypocrisy, it’s Fake News, and it’s a manifestation of the Trump Derangement Syndrome that infects certain people both in society and in the Church.

“As I indicated to the Vatican, I have followed their request that I not have an official position on the Advisory Boards of the Campaign’s coalitions. I have not, however, distanced myself from the Campaign, or renounced my human right to speak my mind on political matters. Personally, I am an Independent. But it is a moral obligation for me and for all of us in the Church, clergy and laity alike, to point out the moral corruption of the Democrat platform. I will sacrifice my life before failing to do that.

“Where is the coverage of all my non-partisan efforts over the last three decades to promote Church teaching on the elections, as the bishops have advocated, or to lead a National Election Prayer Campaign, or to help pastors and organizations educate their people on the Biblical and practical aspects of voting?

“This is not about news coverage. It’s about trying to erode support for Trump, and I will not allow my actions to be used for that.

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