Dear Little One

Judith Alciatore

December 01, 2020

I hear you calling, little one

I hear you call my name

What have I done, my little one

Now I must live in shame

I know you face, dear little one

I see you in my dreams

From this sad place I cannot run

My life is tattered at its seams

I hear you whisper in the night

My tears will flow with each new sigh

How could I think that it was right

Before "Hello", I'd said "Goodbye"

Forgive me please, dear little one

My heart is broken so in two

My choice cannot be e'er undone

Itook the gift of life from you

I hear you calling, little one

Forever in my mind you'll stay

I beg for mercy 'neath the setting sun

Perhaps we'll meet one lovely day

Thank You, Lord


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