To My Unborn Son

W.F. Rhoads

December 01, 2020

I wrote this poem many years ago about the abortion of my son in 1980. I sometimes forget the guilt and shame and pain but it is always there and I'm not sure I will ever get over it. I'm not sure I ever should. I know the Lord has forgiven me and I know my son is with Him, as are all aborted children... - W.F. Rhoads

To My Unborn Son

Old memories

rise slowly to the surface,

silently oozing from their

dark, secret hiding spots,

forgotten thoughts

too painful to remember

come racing back,

along with the realization

of just what was done

on that lonely day

so long ago;

choices made

in the blink of an eye,

decisions decided

that will last a lifetime.

Looking at our daughter,

I think,

he could have been like her,

proud and unafraid,

a warrior facing life

confident and strong,

or he could have been

just another child,

ordinary and plain,

either way,

he would have been

a brother,

he would have been

a son,

but most of all

he would have been


if only he’d been

given a chance.

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