Beneath My Breast

Judith Alciatore

December 01, 2020

I feel a fear I’ve never known

A panic in my chest

The dice of fate have now been thrown

There’s a life beneath my breast

Where do I go, what do I do

My mind is filled with doubt

Can this be real, can this be true

Should I try to find a way out

Advice I get from all around

“How nice, you’ll be a mother”

But as I feel my heartbeats pound

I fear I may be smothered

A month goes by, I hesitate

Unsure of how I feel

“Don’t take too long, ‘ere it’s too late”

My thoughts begin to reel

Another month, and then one more

And still I do not know

Please help me, Lord, what is in store

If I let this baby grow

Then finally I make a choice

Deciding what to do

But still I hear an inner voice

Say this is not for you

Now I lay upon a table

Feeling scared and sick

Still not certain if I’m able…

Then I feel my baby kick

This is my child I realize

Now fully wide awake

I see so clear with open eyes

I’ll not make this sad mistake

I leave this place of slaughter

With lightness in my chest

I love you, son or daughter

You’re the life beneath my breast

Judy Alciatore


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