The Unborn


December 01, 2020

Today I entered creation, Lord,

Your workshop, the home of the unborn.

I had seen pictures before,

One or two at a time, no more.

Today was a series of pictures, Lord,

Pictures of the growth of your unborn.

May all come to see and appreciate

The love and care with which You create

Each little arm, leg, mouth, nose and knee,

The cute little ears and the eyebrows so sweet!

May they see the heart beat and the blood flow

From the top of the head to the tip of the toes!

May all see in these little ones

The image of your precious Son,

Always human, always divine

Growing in the secret shrine

Of his mother’s womb, so blessed,

The true Ark of your Holiness!

GMS with the Holy Spirit 1/24/2006 after viewing images of Fetal Development at


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