The Cry


December 01, 2020

What is that sound I hear?

Is it far or is it near?

It started out small.

I could hardly hear it at all.

Then slowly it became strong.

It was a cry and not a song.

“I wanted to be a doctor.”

“I wanted to be a nurse.”

“I wanted to be your pastor.”

“I wanted to be your pope.”

“I wanted to be a preacher.”

“I wanted to heal the sick.”

“I wanted to lead our country

  And bring good laws to our land.”

“Against all evil,

  I wanted to take a stand.”

“I wanted to take care of you in your old age.”

“I wanted to find cures for diseases like AIDS.”

“I wanted to bring hope to the world I’m in.”

“I wanted to legally stop this sin.”

“I never had a chance

  And, oh how, I wanted to dance!”

“You wanted me out of your sight

  You know, I have your eyes!”

“You wouldn’t let me grow.

  And I have my father’s nose!”

“Oh what, oh what did you fear?

  Guess what, I have your ears!”

“You didn’t want to know me!

  You didn’t even want to own me!

You said I was nothing,

  Me, God’s child, his being!

You poisoned me and tore me apart.

  It hurt so bad I cried from the start.”

“Why didn’t you want me to live?

  I had so, so much to give!

What wrong had I done?

  My life had just begun.

It was your actions and God’s love that brought me here.

I am not someone you need loathe or fear!

He created me in his image. I am his dear.

Now I am one more loss that he bears.

He breathed his own spirit in me and gave me life.

Now I am in heaven right by his side.”

What is that sound I hear?

Is it far or is it near?

It is a cry and not a song.

And it comes from the very heart of God.

“Why did you kill my kids?

Why didn’t you let them live?

What had they done that was wrong?

Your actions and my love brought them along.

Should I treat you the same,

Cast you out and tear you apart,

Grant you no mercy, you without heart,

Have my Son judge you as you did my kids,

And bring you, your country, and the world to an end?

Or should I just stand by

And watch you die?”

“No! No! Don’t force my hand!

Change your hearts and make a stand.

Make it illegal to kill my kids.

Then, I will repent of the evil I planned

And I will bring peace back to your land.”

GMS with the Holy Spirit 1/22, 23/2012.

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