Poem by Jess Campana

Jess Campana

December 01, 2020


Jess Campana


God said he sent me here for a reason.

He told me that I could change the world with my voice.

I couldn’t wait to use these gifts.

I had to wait five more months.

God said that I would love the world,

There would be wonderful things to see.

He also told me that there were bad things,

But he would always be with me.

I can’t wait to enter the world.

I can hear the sound of a woman’s voice.

She seems so kind.

God said that was my mother.

My mom sounded very young when she spoke,

Much younger than God did.

I asked God why this was so,

He said that she was seventeen.

I heard my mom cry sometimes.

I didn’t understand why,

God said that my dad left my mom.

He said that she was scared.

I couldn’t wait to be with her,

I didn’t want my mom to be scared.

I wanted to take care of her,

Like she is taking care of me.

I love her already,

She has kept me so safe.

God said that she would always protect me,

But I want to protect her too.

Now my world was very dark,

God explained light.

He said that I would see it soon,

Four and a half months.

My mom cried more lately,

And it broke my heart.

I heard words I didn’t recognize,

“Too hard”, “cannot”, “end”.

God wouldn’t tell me what this meant,

He told me to be brave,

That I would see him soon.

I didn’t know God lived on earth too.

Today I could feel my mom shaking.

Her voice cracked when she spoke.

I heard a strange man’s voice,

She called him doctor.

My mom’s blood began to pump faster,

God said she was nervous.

He told me to be strong,

To trust him.

I felt something cold and hard,

It felt sharp, and hurt so much.

Suddenly I felt like I was being pulled away.

I heard my mom cry,

Then it was over.

The pain was gone,

I saw the light.

I asked God if this was earth.

He said, “No my child,

This is heaven.”

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