Our Lady of Sorrows

Mary Lynn Tag

December 01, 2020

Our Lady of Sorrows

We offer this Prayer

To tell you we love them

How deeply we care

These souls all created

In love they were made

With purpose fulfilling

If only they’d stayed

O Mother of mothers

We know of your pain

Our hearts suffer greatly

In a world gone insane

Every baby so precious

Given life by His will

In brutal interruption

The innocent made still

We know how beloved;

Each creation bringing

Joy to Heaven

And angels singing

Dear Mother we pray

For divine assistance

Purveyors of deception

Deny their existence

Humbly we ask you

Oh Mother of Love

To cover these souls

With your Son’s precious blood

Pray this great sin

Causing such sorrow

Be exposed in horror

Such hope for tomorrow!

We ask our Lord to use the tears Shed by their mothers

For so many years

Use them to Baptize

Souls ever cherished

Forever in Heaven

The children who perished

Our Lady of Sorrows

We offer this prayer

That by His Answering

Lives would be spared


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