Elegy To The Unborn

Dr. James R. McLane

Publication Date: December 01, 2020

For God's Littlest Ones,

Elegy To The Unborn 

One starlit night

As I gazed into the heavens  

I knew each star was created by God.

The ocean of stars above me

Spoke of the sea of humanity

Around me and I realized,

I too was created with purpose.

I was created to be born alive

To run and play, to laugh and cry

To work and to grow old.

But most of all

To show love amidst hatred

And to bring hope in despair.

Each one of us was created

With this purpose

And our mother's womb

Became our passageway,

Our first universe.

From the moment of conception

The light of God breathed forth

An immortal soul,

A new human being of untold value.

As the beauty of the stars shone

I cried for my fellow man,

For millions of unborn babies

Had been crushed by humanity

And discarded as garbage.

Let us turn to the glory of Jesus

So all mothers and their unborn

Might be embraced by humanity

To bring glory unto God. 


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