Dear Sara


December 01, 2020

Dear Sara, "Little Princess"

(the meaning of your name),

How fitting you should have it-

Too soon your glory came.

Your little heart was broken

When Mommy let you go.

But angel, please remember

She really didn’t know.

Some said it wasn’t beating,

Your tiny little heart,

And so it didn’t matter

They tore you all apart.

They said you couldn’t feel it.

How Satan can deceive!

The agony you suffered

So many disbelieve.

No grave to mark your passing,

And few to mourn or pray,

But Grandma will remember

That awful, tragic day.

My arms will never hold you.

My rocking chair is still.

But Grandma’s heart is full of love

That death can never kill.

Sweet Angel pray for Mommy,

And pray for Daddy too,

And say a prayer for Grandma

And I will pray for you.

And you and I together

Will pray for all your friends

Who never had a birthday!

We’ll pray abortion ends!



Written by Mary Kathryn Johnson

Prescott Valley, AZ

Priests for Life
PO Box 236695 • Cocoa, FL 32923
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