Poetry by Cindy Speltz

Cindy Speltz

December 01, 2020

Poetry by Cindy Speltz 

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Calvary’s Climb


 Jeered at, mocked and

Teased – Abruptly,

Violently seized;

Stripped bare, wind-

Whipped, thrashed,

Scourged and lashed;

Bruised, battered and

Beaten; Tormented,

Struck, trampled and tossed, blood-soaked tears…beauty lost;

Flesh torn, head thorned, twisted muscles quivered and worn; punctured

Protruding veins, untouchable suffering pains; Weary, ragged

And rope- burned; Countless hearts have no concern; pounding,

Pressing, tumors welt; No man can fathom what Christ felt.

Splinters, spittle, sailing

Jagged rocks; Dislocated

Bones, ripped out hair

Locks; Nails driven deep,

Humiliated and hung;

Suffocating – His Scared

Wounds stung; for all

Mankind, Jesus came to

Save; In His dying

Breath, he forgave;

Simeon’s Proclamation

Of sorrow came to be:

His mother, Mary,

Endured the sword



 Cindy Speltz


‘This One Child’


The World had condemned her to certain death,

My innocent child, before she drew her first breath,

Though the way and the path were unknown to me,

Our bond of love and kinship would forever be.


She is sacred and of God, I understood,

This is a child, destined for great good,

How profound is the depth of a little one’s love,

There are no bounds, beyond or above.


Out of fear and darkness, a sin confessed

Becomes the light and life, a child most blessed,

She is the fruit and fragrance of heart,

An awakened soul, a portrait of living art.


My baby girl’s smile is heaven at a glance,

Her blue eyes speak love, far and advanced,

She is a gift, her purpose – divine from the start,

There were no barriers, that could keep us apart.


Her mother’s ‘yes’ to life, would stir opposition,

This one child defeats a culture of division,

Born is she, truth and beauty by grace healed,

In virtue of her being, integrity is revealed.


     Cindy Speltz



‘The Gift – Forgotten’


Where are all the children

We reject and refuse,

Under the guise of

‘The right to choose,’

Who will remember

Each and every child – lost,

Oh, what have we done

Who could fathom the cost,

Can you not hear

Their silent screams,

Beyond the hills and

Below the streams,

The gift of little children

Who are no more,

A hidden wound – unhealed

Fatal to the core,

So many are deprived

Of family love and life,

When will it be too late

Reaping enough strife,

Vacant wombs and

 Empty hearts

Place no value

On broken bones

And fetal parts,

Where are silent grieving mothers

Who have not given birth,

May your cries be heard

Echoing throughout the earth,

Our nation’s soul

On a quest for death,

May god’s final mercy

Be our saving breath,

All the little children-lost

Would have us forgiven,

Who’ve shed their blood

Are now with God, in Heaven…


     Cindy Speltz

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