Fr. Pavone: No Matter What Happens Tomorrow, We Cannot Accept Joe Biden as “President-Elect”

Key Questions that Many Keep Dodging Must Be Answered

Priests for Life

Publication Date: January 05, 2021

Washington, DC – As Patriots gather in Washington, DC and as Congress prepares to convene on Wednesday to count the electoral votes, Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, issued the following statement:

“As Congress convenes tomorrow to consider the electoral votes in the 2020 Presidential race, the House and Senate have the opportunity to do what too many people, including elected officials and judges, have failed to do, namely, to investigate the questions that are unanswered and the anomalies that are unexplained, but that point to a stolen, fraudulent, and unconstitutional election.

“The Navarro Report, the arguments that Texas submitted to the Supreme Court, and numerous hearings and affidavits present evidence and questions that demand the attention of every citizen and lawmaker who cares about free and fair elections.

“Tragically, so many are ignoring these questions rather than answering them. Every argument I hear from Biden supporters and Fake News dodges the questions themselves:

“The claim of election fraud is disputed,” they say. But they don’t answer the reasons it’s disputed.

“The electoral college has certified Joe Biden as President-elect,” they say. But they don’t address the evidence that some of those electoral votes are tainted.

“Multiple courts have thrown out cases challenging the election,” they say. But the courts themselves didn’t address the arguments, but rather dismissed cases on procedural grounds rather than on the merits.

“You are trying to overturn the election and the will of the people,” they say. But that begs the question, presuming they know accurately what the will of the people in the election was in the first place.

“Objecting to the electoral votes on Jan. 6 won’t work,” they say. And still the questions are unanswered.

“We should all unite and move on,” they say. Move on to what, exactly? A country in which we tolerate fraudulent and unconstitutional elections, and ignore evidence that this one was stolen?

“None of these soundbites is even an argument; rather, they are cowardly dodges and denials.

“Congress should vote tomorrow to establish an investigative committee, as is being proposed, of five Representatives, five Senators, and five Supreme Court Justices, and take ten days to examine the evidence, explain the anomalies, and answer the questions.

“Among the hundreds of questions on the table are, for instance,

What explains why the counting of votes stopped in multiple key states on election night, followed by the simultaneous disappearance, in those same multiple states, of substantial leads by President Trump?

What explains the 400,000-vote discrepancy in mail-in ballots received in Pennsylvania between November 2 and November 4?

What explains the abnormally low rejection rate of mail-in ballots across multiple states, as compared with 2016, despite a 94%increase in such ballots ? (For example, in Georgia, in 2016, the rejection rate was seventeen times higher than this year.)

Where are the applications for the mail-in ballots that were counted in Wisconsin although they were missing those applications, which are required by state law?

What were the ballots in the suitcases under the tables in Georgia?

For what precise reasons would observers be thrown out of the rooms where ballots were being counted, in multiple states, if nothing improper was being done?

Why should ballots be counted that were received and handled in clear violation of state law in multiple states, without any authorization from the state legislature to change those laws?

“These and hundreds of other questions raised by the aforementioned documents and hearings demand attention, investigation, and answers.

“The voices calling for honesty, transparency, and legality in our elections should be coming from Democrat voices in Congress in addition to Republican voices.

“And those who oppose the intention of some lawmakers to raise objections tomorrow to the disputed electoral votes should consider that every lawmaker has taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, and that the concerns being raised involve serious breaches of that same Constitution.

“The bottom line is that neither I nor tens of millions of other citizens can or will accept an illegal, unconstitutional, and fraudulent election. Joe Biden is not the President-elect, and no certification by Congress or inauguration ceremony will not make this election any less improper.

“The right to vote, and have our votes counted legally and not diminished by illegal votes, is the safeguard for all our other rights and our ability to defend them. That is why this fight will go on well beyond January.”

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