Fr. Pavone: It’s a privilege to be an American

Priests for Life

Publication Date: January 06, 2021


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“It’s a privilege to be an American, particularly today when all of us get a front-row seat to Democracy in action,” said Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, as Congress was expected to hear challenges to the results of the November presidential election in up to seven states.

“Today many Americans will hear for the first time the key evidence that points to widespread election fraud, evidence that has been ignored by the media and left-wing loyalists,” Father Pavone said. ‘The evidence is real and substantial and deserves a respectful hearing by the American public, and also by the special commission whose formation Sen. Ted Cruz and others are calling for.

“Such a commission could consist of five Representatives, five Senators, and five Supreme Court Justices who would take the next 10 days to carefully assess the evidence of election irregularities before Congress certifies the electors.”

“I hope everyone who is able will watch the counting of the Electoral College votes and pay careful attention to the objections raised, and I urge everyone to continue calling their House members and senators to urge them not to certify votes from the disputed states.

“I am also calling on state-level legislators in those states to pursue every avenue open to them to select their state’s electors in a way that remedies any irregularities or Constitutional violations.

“When a president is ultimately inaugurated, every American has to be assured that the rightfully elected candidate assumes the most powerful office in the world. If the evidence of election irregularities is not addressed, we cannot acknowledge Joe Biden as ‘president-elect.’”

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