In open letter, Fr. Pavone urges U.S. bishops to defend Catholic Church, unborn against pro-abortion lawmakers

Priests for Life

Publication Date: August 09, 2021

TITUSVILLE, FL - Today Fr. Frank Pavone issued an open letter to the bishops of the United States, accompanied by the following statement:

“I am happy today to offer a respectful statement to the bishops of the United States, expressing the convictions of many of the faithful here and in other countries regarding the need for strong and courageous leadership to defend the Church, her teachings, and the unborn against the actions of government leaders who advocate and advance the killing of children by abortion, including politicians who call themselves Catholic.

“This statement is offered in the context of the Church as the Body of Christ, a communion in which all share an equal dignity, a joint baptismal responsibility for the Church’s mission, and a rightful expectation that they can engage in an honest and mutual sharing of information, expertise, and concern. (See Second Vatican Council, Lumen Gentium n.37).

“I have issued this letter now as the bishops prepare their document on the Eucharist, and as they wrestle with the question of how to respond to the persistent refusal of some Catholics in public life to respect the unique role of the bishops to teach what it means to be a Catholic in relation to public policy.

“This letter does not exhaust the message my ministry conveys to the Church in our day. In particular, there is a large body of educational material we have developed and will disseminate even more widely in the coming months regarding the connections between the Eucharist and our pro-life commitment. It is our hope that such material will provide meaningful assistance to the whole Church in the current circumstances.

“Priests for Life and I personally have a long history of working in a spirit of cooperation with the bishops of the United States and the Church worldwide, whether in direct assistance to their own efforts to protect the unborn and to provide healing after abortion, or in defending them against the attacks of those who hate the Church, or in echoing far and wide the clear and consistent teaching they have articulated in many documents.

“For example, through the ministries of Rachel’s Vineyard and Silent No More, Priests for Life helps many dioceses in reaching out to those wounded by abortion. In the political realm, no organization has done more than Priests for Life to spread far and wide the bishops’ teachings on political responsibility as articulated in Living the Gospel of Life. And since 1993, Priests for Life has offered, without charge to the bishops and their dioceses, millions of pro-life educational brochures, books and other materials, as well as in-person and virtual training seminars for priests, deacons, seminarians and laity, and thousands of parish visits.

“It is in that same spirit of loyal collaboration that I offer this letter and renew the commitment of Priests for Life, and of myself personally, to provide assistance and encouragement to our shepherds in Christ as we give witness together to the Gospel of Life.”

The full text of Father Pavone’s letter can be found at and members of the faithful who agree with it are welcome to indicate the same on that web page.


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