Priests for Life Plan of Action to End Abortion

Priests for Life

Publication Date: December 21, 2022


Please note that this is not an exhaustive description of all we are doing to end abortion.

Led by Planned Parenthood and anti-life leaders of the Democrat Party, pro-abortion extremists are out to change state constitutions and bully state legislators into making abortion-on-demand the law in all fifty states. Priests for Life is determined to make sure they fail. We have spent the past decade recruiting, educating and training an army of dedicated pro-life warriors who are willing to go toe-to-toe with the enemies of life and all those who are pushing the radical “abortion till birth” agenda.

To ensure victory Priests for Life needs to strengthen our outreach in all fifty states in order to establish a pro-life field of operation that is strong enough to defeat the pro-aborts. Key to this effort will be activating and training grassroots activists in every state, with the help of a national field director. We will also create a National-To-State partnership in which Priests for Life will bring national support to individual states in which specific pro-life battles are being fought.

That work is vital because the key to success in this nationwide effort is to dramatically INCREASE the number of people of good will – men and women, young and old, clergy and laity – who will join us in the fight to defend babies and mothers from the abortionists. To defeat the merchants of death we must put forward a well-structured and highly-organized body of pro-life citizens, all working together as a unit, and everyone fighting to win the same goal:

To make every state in the union abortion-free!

Listed below are some of the ways Priests for Life’s Plan of Action to End Abortion will recruit the army of pro-life activists who will fight to accomplish that objective.

  1. Expand the size of the listening audience for our pro-life outreach over TV, radio and social media. Here is our current programming along with the viewers/listeners reached:

  • Priests for Life’s 24 / 7 EndAbortion.TV, the online channel of Priests for Life. Our viewing audience has grown to 100,000 regular viewers. Much of the equipment used to produce our unique programming (cameras, teleprompters, monitors, remotes, etc) is out of date and needs to be replaced and/or upgraded.  
  • Broadcasts on SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, GETTR, and Truth Social. Right now, Priests for Life reaches close to HALF A MILLION people EVERY DAY
  • Advertising on social media platforms. Ads to targeted groups of people have the potential to reach millions of people and recruit them to help end abortion. We are consulting with experts to make sure we use such resources wisely.
  • Priests for Life’s End Abortion Podcast is the #1 podcast in the world on the topic of abortion with close to TWO MILLION plays on SoundCloud. 
  • “Defending Life” series and “The Catholic View for Women” both air on EWTN and are beamed into 300 MILLION homes here in the U.S. and around the world. These are taped right here in our professional studios at Priests for Life.
  • Our weekly one-hour pro-life “Gospel of Life” radio show on Radio Maria is broadcast in over 40 languages, airs in 65 countries and has a worldwide audience.
  • My daily one-minute pro-life radio spots are broadcast on just about all stations of the Bott Broadcasting radio network. According to my friend Dick Bott, the potential listening audience at any one moment is over 30 MILLION listeners!

  1. Recruit more Catholics and other people of faith into the Priests for Life family and the pro-life movement as a whole. In 2023 Priests for Life plans to contact THREE MILLION such people using:

  • Action-oriented letters mailed directly to them in their homes.
  • Emails sent to them personally.
  • Text messages sent to them on their cell phones.
  • Recruitment notices sent out over social media and TV / radio programming.
  • Face-to-face sign ups at churches all across the country. 

  1. Increase the number of GUEST APPEARANCES Frank Pavone and Priests for Life staff make on secular and religious news and talk shows:

  • Newsmax
  • One America News
  • Real America’s Voice
  • Trinity Broadcasting Network
  • Right Side Broadcasting
  • EWTN

… as well as OP-ED pieces for print media. Frank Pavone and the Pastoral team wrote no fewer than 53 op-ed pieces that appeared in various publications and news outlets including:

- Washington Times   - Town Hall

- Newsweek                - Newsmax

- Breitbart                    - LifeNews

The National Catholic Register  - The Wanderer

… and many more

  1. Maintain our work with the CLERGY in an effort to get them actively involved in the fight to end abortion. It is estimated that each member of the clergy impacts the lives and thinking of 10,000 people. At present Priests:

  • Conducts the Good Shepherd Project where we provide monthly training seminars for priests and deacons (
  • Gives one-on-one pro-life training to priests, deacons and seminarians.
  • Sends our priests and pastoral assistants to parishes and churches all across the country and preach the Gospel of Life direct to the people.
  • Provides weekly pro-life bulletin inserts for every Catholic parish in America.
  • Offers weekly homily tips to every priest and deacon in the country.

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