How Can I Help Fr. Frank and Priests for Life?

Priests for Life

Publication Date: December 21, 2022

Fr. Frank is very grateful for your support of him, of Priests for Life and of the pro-life cause.

The most common request we are getting is, “Tell us how we can help.” Here are a few ways:

1. First, we want you to know all the details of what is happening and all the updates, and then pass them along to as many people as you can, including media.

The history leading up to all this, as well as the latest updates, are available on  

2. Connect with Fr. Frank on social media @frfrankpavone, and post a word of support for him (or perhaps a photo you may have with him).

3. The best response we can all give to the bishops and the Pope is to show them, in a positive way, that the People of God support the pro-life work of Priests for Life that has been serving them for three decades: equipping the clergy, healing the wounds of abortion, promoting prayer vigils, electing pro-life candidates, and more!

We need people to connect with our work at, to sign up for our emails, participate in our action alerts and prayer campaigns, and more.

4. Sign the petition to get Fr. Frank reinstated to the priesthood. The Pope can do this at any time he wants. Please visit:  

5. You can also become a Priests for Life volunteer in your state – just let us know you’d like to do that and we’ll have you help with special projects.

6. Let your own deacons, pastors and bishops know that you support Priests for Life and object to what is being done to Fr. Frank

7. Donate to us at Some others may be scared off by our opposition, but you can pick up the slack by being extra generous. This is your ministry too!

8.If you feel so inclined, express your views to those in authority in the Church by contacting the following:  

Archbishop Christophe Pierre  

Papal Nuncio 

3339 Massachusetts Ave NW  

Washington, DC 20008  

(202) 333-7121  


Archbishop Timothy Broglio  

President, USCCB  

3211 Fourth Street NE  

Washington, DC 20017  

Phone  (202) 541-3193  

Fax       (202)541-3322  

9. As always, we value your prayers!

10. Fill in the blank with your own ideas and initiatives!

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