Activities for Churches, Groups and Individuals to Observe the Day of the Unborn Child (March 25)

Priests for Life

Publication Date: March 25, 2023

Here are some ideas for individuals and churches to celebrate March 25, the Day of the Unborn Child:
1. Spiritually adopt an unborn child and pray for him and his mother for nine months.
2. Organize local Marches for Life or Rosary processions to abortion clinics or government buildings.
3. Hold a fundraiser for pro-life groups or crisis pregnancy centers.
4. Offer a Mass, Holy Hour or a prayer vigil for life.
5. Organize a Life Chain in your town.
6. Pray outside an abortion clinic. The 40 Days for Life Campaign is a good way to get involved this way.
7. Host a pro-life movie night.
8. Pass out pro-life literature at your church.
9. Set up a “cemetery of the innocents” somewhere in your community to witness to all the lives lost because of abortion.
10. Follow the development of the unborn child at
11. Organize a Church study group to read “The Gospel of Life.” The text of the encyclical and a study guide prepared by Priests for Life, can be found at
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