This is a book everyone concerned about women's health must read!!!

Lime 5, written by Mark Crutcher, exposes and destroys the second great pillar of lies which supports the abortion industry.

The first pillar of lies is that, somehow, abortion does not really destroy a baby. But many in the abortion movement have abandoned that one, as did the man I met at a demonstration holding a sign that said, "Keep baby-killing legal!"

The second pillar of lies, however, requires much more work to destroy. It is the idea that abortion is good for women, that it enhances and serves their lives and health.

The fact is that abortion destroys the women who buy it.

Not only does it destroy them because of the spiritual, physical, and psychological damage it does.

It destroys them because it is the most unregulated surgical industry in the United States.

Women are lied to, injured, sexually abused, and killed in so-called "safe and legal" abortion facilities in this nation.

Many think that "legal" means "moral." Not so.

But many also think that, morality aside, "legal" means "safe." They therefore reason that although abortion is wrong, at least it should be legal for the sake of the lives, health, and safety of women.

Read Lime 5, and you will see documented evidence that "legal" does not mean "safe," especially when it comes to abortion. You will see how the abortion industry does not at all serve the health and safety of women.

You will be shocked, disgusted, and outraged.

And you will have in your hands a tool to challenge supporters of legal abortion, who clamor for the rights and health and safety of women.

The challenge, which I repeat today with a call to all people everywhere, is this: Are those who work so hard to keep abortion legal and available for the sake of the "health and safety of women" willing to work just as hard to see to it that abortion is in fact safe for those same women? Are they willing to examine the evidence that the abortion industry does not protect the health and safety of women, and that the most common surgical procedure in America is also the least regulated? Are they willing to speak out about the abuses documented in studies like LIME 5? If not, why not?

Where, indeed, is the allegiance of those who clamor for the availability of abortion? Is it with the women they claim to care about, or for the abortion industry and those who run it?

This book lays out the challenge, and lays out concrete legislative proposals for the protection of the women of our land.

Priests for Life, and I personally, were privileged to help gather some of the information that is in this book, and to assist Mark Crutcher, the Founder and President of Life Dynamics, Inc., in its production.

Now, Priests for Life is happy to help distribute this book. It is available from the Priests for Life online store.

I will have further comments on Lime 5, and will be glad to answer questions about it, in this section of our web site.

God bless you, and all the women of our country!

Fr. Frank Pavone

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