People of Life Spots

Following are audio segments ranging from 1 to 15 minutes, in which Fr. Frank gives a pro-life reflection that provides both information and inspiration. These spots aired daily, across the globe, on the world's largest religious cable network, the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN).

Click on a title to listen to the audio in MP3 format.
A Bad Situation Hern Priests for Life Travels
A Challenge to American Catholics Part 1 Holocaust Memorial Pro-Life Atheists
A Challenge to American Catholics Part 2 Joan Appleton Pro-Life Conference
A Short Homily Lazarus Reasons for Choosing Abortion
Abortion Ads Lime 5 Religious Beliefs and Law
Abortion and Population Love is Sacrifice Right to Die
Abortion Incidents Love Your Neighbor Roe v. Wade: Informing the Nation
Abortion Polls Maybe Human Sandra Cano
Abortion Statistics Memorial Sea Turtles
Abortion Survivors Mother Teresa: Help in Dying Several Sources Foundation
Advertising a Child's Destruction Moving in a Pro-Life Direction Statistics
Agree to Disagree Names The Centurions
Alternatives National Life Center The Face of a Child
Bethany Christian Services Never Too Old The Gospel of Life
Birthright No Choice The Nurturing Network
Cain and Abel Norma McCorvey The Tree of Life
Contraception NY Times Poll The Truth Behind Abortion Ads
CPC Helpline Old Issue The Value of a Fetus
Dear Christians Only Five Minutes The Virgin Mary
Distress Parish Bulletins This is My Body
Facts Peaceful Protests Two Poems
Feminism Persons Violence
Ghost Post Abortion Counseling Why Abortions Take Place
Handkerchief Posters

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