'My Heart Beats Just Like Yours' Campaign, Meet The Unborn Child

'My Heart Beats Just Like Yours' is a campaign to help people experience the humanity of the unborn and to know that an abortion doesn’t just terminate a pregnancy – it takes the life of a human being whose heart beats just like ours.

Images like the ones you see here are provided by The Education Resource Fund (ERF), whose website is: https://www.erf.science/.

These photos of a baby in the womb are derived from many smaller images “stitched” together in much the same manner NASA uses to produce satellite images of the earth’s surface. Read a further explanation of how these images were made. The medical details under each image of the baby’s development is taken from the “My Baby App” as found in the App store.

Priests for Life has published a brochure with the images below and information about abortion and has other products available below for you to use to help spread this important message.

Abortion Stops a Beating Heart has long been one of the most effective messages of the pro-life movement. My Heart Beats Just Like Yours builds on that phrase by making it even more personal, particularly to a woman who might be tempted to abort the baby whose heart is beating right below her own.

Order These Products to Spread the Message!

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My Heart Beats Just Like Yours brochure

Brochure contains four beautiful images of the embryo and fetus at 7-10 weeks after fertilization with facts on fetal development.

My Heart Beats Just Like Yours sticker

Sticker is 4 inches wide and glossy.

My Heart Beats Just Like Yours t-shirt

Crew neck T-shirt is black with white letters and available in all sizes.

My Heart Beats Just Like Yours Water Bottle

Water bottle is 24oz, double-walled, stainless steel with copper insulation for temperature retention. It has a spill resistant, screw-on lid with an integrated hand loop, a large, wide mouth opening perfect for ice cubes and can fit most cup holders.

See more pictures and video of the developing unborn baby at Unborn.info.

See what abortion does to a baby at LookAtAbortion.com.

You can help save lives! See our action alerts at StopAbortionNow.org.

Diary of an Unborn Child

Listen to the fetal heartbeat at: 9.5 weeks11.5 weeks15 weeks - 26 weeks - 32 weeks

There are some abortions only you can stop and some lives only you can save!