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Frank Pavone's Alerts

"... Because We Can All Work Together to Stop Abortion Now!"

What are Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone's 's Alerts -- and How Should You Use Them?

Priests for Life exists to help everyone -- priests, laity, and people of every denomination -- to stop abortion. One of the ways we equip you to do so is through our Action Alerts, which we send out by email and which are also available here on this page (

The alerts are designed to give you the ability to act quickly on urgent issues that need immediate attention. We also designed these alerts so that you can forward them to your friends, family, and fellow church members. After all, ending abortion is a task only accomplished by all of us together. We can’t do our job unless you do yours!

These alerts are not random or merely reactive. They are part of our overall plan to end abortion, about which you will find more at 

To the right you will find recent alerts that we need you to take action on -- and all you have to do is click on the link, and it will take you directly to that alert. 

You can also read our past alerts, so that you can know what we did together and what the results were. 

We thank you for participating in our efforts to save as many babies as possible. Because when we get enough people involved, we will be able to save babies' lives... protect women from abortion... and restore full protection for children in the womb in America and throughout the world.


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