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The official Priests for Life newsletter, published on the odd months, might more accurately be described as a "resource bulletin." It seeks to give busy priests some helpful ideas for their homilies, some inspiration from accounts of what their brother priests are doing to defend the pre-born, and some idea about what groups, resources, and strategies in the pro-life movement might prove useful in their own ministry. The Priests for Life newsletter is distributed to priests and deacons through the respect life offices of over 130 of the approximately 180 dioceses in the United States. It is also mailed directly to some 100,000 subscribers, who are both clergy and lay, Catholic and Protestant.

Priests for Life welcomes members to submit articles, as well as names of priests whose pro-life activity can be the topic of one of our "Priest Profiles" features.

Fr. Frank Reports’ (travelogue), published on the even months, is a regular report sent to all our supporters, provides a glimpse of what takes place as my team and I go out ‘on the road’ across America and around the world to defend the unborn and bring an end to abortion.

We are convinced that you will be as inspired and encouraged as we are by the stories, the memorable experiences, and the insights we receive from those who are impacted by our work.

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Travelogue - Fr. Frank Reports

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