A Prayer of Offering by the Sick for the Unborn

Priests for Life invites all believers who are ill or suffering in any way to offer their sufferings to God, in Christ, for the sake of the unborn. This prayer of offering can be used each day for that purpose.

A Prayer of Offering by the Sick for the Unborn
Spanish version)

God of love and consolation,
You always draw us closer to yourself.
You ask us to trust you
And you make us always more like Jesus your Son.

Through his cross,
You give our human suffering
Divine meaning and purpose.

I pray today for all my brothers and sisters,
And especially for those most in need,
The children living in their mothers' womb.

Father, I offer my sufferings for them,
In union with the sufferings of Jesus.
Through my weakness, may they be protected,
Through my pain, may they be safe, 
Through my loneliness, may they know the joy of life.

God of Life,
Bring an end to abortion in our world,
And bring peace and healing 
To me and to all who are sick.

I pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Rev. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

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