A Prayer As Congress Convenes to Count the Electoral Votes

God our Father,
Your Providence guides the course of history.

You have blessed and preserved the United States of America

We recognize that today is an historic day for our nation
As Congress convenes to count
The electoral votes of the Presidential race of 2020.

Lord, look with favor on the voters of this country
Who have made their voices heard,
And have worked hard
For the candidates of their choice.

You are the God of Truth and of Justice.
Inspire in the hearts of every citizen,
No matter what their political preference,
A thirst for truth, justice, honesty, fairness and transparency
in our elections.

Inspire in every citizen and every lawmaker
A commitment to root out all illegal, unconstitutional, or fraudulent behavior
From the conduct of our national elections.

We pray in a particular way for the members of the US House and Senate
Who meet in joint session today
To carry out their duty to receive, count, and announce the electoral votes.

May they do so in a way that preserves and protects everyone’s vote.

Lord, may they fulfill today the oath they have each taken
to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States
Against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Lord, if there have been actions taken in the states
That are unconstitutional, because they have changed election law
without the involvement of state legislatures,
or that are fraudulent in any way,
Give our members of Congress today the strength to object
And to call for a full investigation of these matters.

Lord, we pray for those who would criticize these efforts to make our elections fair.
Wake them up,
So that they may see that their own votes
And their own freedom
Are also at stake here,

Bless also, Lord God, the state legislators
That they may have the courage
To correct any irregularities in this election.

Bless also those citizens who  gather in Washington today
To show their support for this process
And for their President.

May this day inspire them
May their words and actions send a clear message across this land
That we will never accept a fraudulent, illegal, or unconstitutional election,
And that we will fight for our freedom and for our country
As hard as our Founding Fathers did,
Along with all those who have suffered and died for this country over the years.

Lord, Bless the President of the United States, Donald J Trump.
Thank you for his fighting spirit,
And grant him another term to govern this great nation.

Bless all of us,
Protect us from the radical, anti-American policies of the Democrat Party,
Preserve the freedom we enjoy
Which is one of your many gifts to us,
And a sign of your enduring love.

We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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