Prayer for our Nation

God our Father,
We praise you for your glory,
We thank you for your protection,
And we trust you for your providence.

As disciples, we pledge our loyalty to your Kingdom,
And as patriots, we pledge
Our loyalty to the United States of America.

Lord, we thank you for our President, Donald J Trump,
Who more than any other in our history,
Has fought not only for our country,
But for our families and our faith,
For our right to live
And our right to worship you as you command.

We also thank you that he fights to protect our vote
From being weakened or canceled by
Illegal and fraudulent votes.

Lord, we have lived through an election in these last few months
That has been conducted illegally in many places
And that has resulted in the certification of a man for president
Who has not been fairly elected.

We pray, first of all,
That our fellow citizens will open their eyes and minds
To the clear and plentiful evidence of that unfairness.

We ask that you give us the strength
To continue to expose it
And to hold our public officials accountable.

Lord, we ask you to bless
All those in public office who are exposing it
And who have stood up
In state legislatures and in Congress
To protect our votes and to demand a fair election.

We thank you also for all those patriots
Who gathered peacefully and prayerfully
In Washington DC on January 6th.

Lord, both they and we
Have been criticized and attacked by the Left,
Flooded by their godless messages in the public square,
Dismissed and ignored by lawmakers and courts,
Lied to and silenced by fake news media,
And shunned by many of our pastors
And others who should have been our friends.

We are the people who have witnessed
The attempts for the last five years
To prevent and then derail the presidency of
Donald J. Trump.

Thank you for all his supporters.
We are proud to be among their number.
Bless us as we continue
To educate our neighbors about
The historic accomplishments of this President
And to build upon them.

Thank you for the commitment
That we and our fellow patriots have
To law and order and
To respect for life and property.

We ask today that as our nation continues to react
To the behavior of those who entered the Capitol on Wednesday
In a disruptive fashion,
That we may commit ourselves to peace
And also avoid rash judgment
Against our neighbors.

Grant that in condemning violence against the Capitol
We may not fail to condemn violence against the elections;

Grant that our nation may not only demand
that transitions of power be peaceful,
But that they also be lawful,
And based only on a free, fair, and Constitutional election process.

Lord, save us from a false unity in our nation
That seeks to “move on” for the sake of avoiding conflict
But fails to root out injustice.

Lord, we place ourselves and our nation in your hands.
As Jesus prayed in the Garden, if it be your will,
Let this cup pass by,
That no further harm may come to our nation,
Our economy, our security, our religious freedom,
Or our children, born and unborn.

Lord, we are always ready to do your will
And if your will is that we be led into even greater battles,
Then we are ready to fight.

We are ready to expose evil
And to resist wickedness.
We are ready to refute falsehood
And to defend freedom.
We are ready to challenge political authority,
Resist un-American and unjust policies,
And prepare even now for future elections
In which we will vote out of office
All those who do not belong there.

Fill us with your Spirit,
That we may be even stronger than we have been in the past,
Even more united,
Even more prayerful,
And even more patriotic.

Lord, you are the God of every nation.
As we fight these battles,
May we have your peace and joy
In the confident assurance
That the final victory of truth, justice, freedom and life
Has already been won
In Him who died and rose again,
The King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
Jesus Christ,
In whose holy name we pray. Amen.

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