Pro-abortion ballot initiative in Ohio

Ohio is facing a pro-abortion ballot initiative fight that is likely to be on the ballot in November 2023.

The abortion cartel has written language for a proposed constitutional amendment to the Ohio Constitution which would permit abortion to birth, makes abortion available to underage girls and permits children to undergo sex change surgeries with zero parental consent or notice.

The amendment also explicitly protects anyone who "assists" a minor with obtaining these life-altering procedures.

Read the amendment language

Read Ohio’s Disastrous Abortion Ballot Proposal by By Carrie Campbell Severino and Frank J. Scaturro

Protect Women Ohio has launched an ad campaign to defeat this Amendment.

The pro-aborts are moving to get over 400,000 verified signatures on a petition by July 5 to get this proposed amendment on the ballot in November 2023.

If you live in Ohio don't sign the petition and encourage family and friends to not sign the petition by explaining the extremism of this ballot initiative. Get involved to help stop this. And pray!

May 10 Update

We had a big victory today in Ohio. The house passed the measure to call a special election on August 8 to increase the threshold for amending the Ohio constitution to 60% instead of 50% plus one. This will make it harder to put #abortion in the state constitution.

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