Pro-abortion ballot initiative in Ohio

VOTE NO on Issue 1 on November 7

Ohio faced a pro-abortion ballot initiative on November 7, 2023 and sadly, it passed. Below is more information.

The abortion cartel has written language for a proposed constitutional amendment to the Ohio Constitution which would permit abortion to birth, makes abortion available to underage girls and permits children to undergo sex change surgeries with zero parental consent or notice.

The amendment also explicitly protects anyone who "assists" a minor with obtaining these life-altering procedures.

Ad by Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone on Issue 1

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Read the proposed text that will be on the ballot on November 7

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Protect Women Ohio has launched an ad campaign to defeat this Amendment.

Ohio had a special election on August 8 and the threshold to require 60% of citizens to agree before changing the OH State Constitution was defeated.

This now opens the door to dangers like the current pro-abortion, anti-parental rights groups to change the Constitution and prevent commonsense laws that the people support on these issues.

Share this website - www.EndAbortionOH.US - with your fellow Ohio citizens.

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Be it Resolved by the People of the State of Ohio that Article I of the Ohio Constitution is amended to add the following Section:

Article I, Section 22. The Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety

A. Every individual has a right to make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions, including but not limited to decisions on:

  1. contraception;
  2. fertility treatment;
  3. continuing one’s own pregnancy;
  4. miscarriage care;
  5. and abortion.

B. The State shall not, directly or indirectly, burden, penalize, prohibit, interfere with, or discriminate against either:

  1. An individual’s voluntary exercise of this right or
  2. A person or entity that assists an individual exercising this right, unless the State demonstrates that it is using the least restrictive means to advance the individual’s health in accordance with widely accepted and evidence-based standards of care.
  3. However, abortion may be prohibited after fetal viability. But in no case may such an abortion be prohibited if in the professional judgment of the pregnant patient’s treating physician it is necessary to protect the pregnant patient’s life or health.

C. As used in this Section:

  1. “Fetal viability” means “the point in a pregnancy when, in the professional judgment of the pregnant patient’s treating physician, the fetus has a significant likelihood of survival outside the uterus with reasonable measures. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.”
  2. “State” includes any governmental entity and any political subdivision.

D. This Section is self-executing.

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