Pro-life University

Priests for Life Announces Online University

Pavone Strickland Fournier March for Life 2024

Bishop Joseph Strickland, Deacon Keith Fournier and Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone march together at the 2024 March for Life in Washington.

For years, Priests for Life has envisioned an online pro-life university, a resource by which, from the comfort of their own homes, people could receive the benefit of the expertise of pro-life leaders and activists nationwide.

Now we believe the time is right for such an effort to start.

Priests for Life has gathered commitments from pro-life leaders, experts and researchers to develop this effort.

We have also partnered with Bishop Joseph Strickland and Deacon Keith Fournier, editor-in-chief of Catholic Online, to launch this effort. See our announcement here and also read my article in Life News here.

Courses by Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone

If you are interested in more information about this new opportunity in pro-life education, please let us know on the form below, and we will send you information on how to sign up!


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