Catholics Against Capital Punishment

February 28, 2000

Rev. Frank Pavone
Priests fox Life

Dear Father Frank:

I want to express my appreciation to you for having sent CACP a copy of the text of your e-mail message to Celeste Fitzgerald of the New Jerseyans for a Death Penalty Moratorium group, in which you eloquently restated your organization's opposition to the death penalty. If it is all right with you, we would like to include it as a news item in the next issue of our newsletter, CACP News Notes.

My wife Ellen and I have been impressed by your frequent calls, in both your PFL newsletter and your syndicated column, for an end to capital punishment. We're convinced that your efforts have been most instrumental in generating a growing awareness among many Catholics who were once in favor of the death penalty but who now embrace the sacredness of all human life, from the innocent pre-born to the condemned criminal.

Please pray for members of CACP that we may be able to mirror your success; that is, in terms of changing the hearts of fellow death penalty opponents who unfortunately tolerate and defend the killing of the pre-born. Please ask the Lord to give us the courage and the diplomatic skills to convince them that abortion is also a form of violence that destroys human life, contravenes God's will, and diminishes us all.


Frank McNeirney

Catholics Against Capital Punishment is a national advocacy organization, founded in 1992, working for the abolition of the death penalty in the US. Website:

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