You're Going To Be Absolutely Astonished at the Things You Didn't Know

TO: Everyone Who Believes In The Pro-Life Cause

RE: America's First Pro-Life Television Talk Show

FROM: Mark Crutcher President
Life Dynamics Incorporated

You're going to laugh, and you're going to cry.

You're going to be dragged out of your comfort zone, and your blood is going to boil.

You're going to have access to pro-life information that has never been available before and is not available anywhere else. And when that's done...

You're Going To Be Absolutely Astonished

At The Things You Didn't Know.

You might be wondering why all this is necessary. The reason is simple: crucial things happen every single day in the abortion struggle that most Americans are never going to hear about-including those in the pro-life community.

Of course, you already knew that. You also know the reason why. You know that most of the information put out about this issue comes from Hollywood and the secular media, both of which are completely dominated by radical foaming-at-the-mouth pro-aborts.

The fact is, the American people are profoundly ignorant about this issue. For the pro-life movement, that sort of information vacuum is a perfect blueprint for failure.

But, Life Dynamics is doing something about it. We operate on the theory that the most important factor in being a good horse trainer is to be smarter than the horse! What that means is that if we want the American people to know what's going on in the abortion holocaust, the first thing we have to do is make certain that our own people know what's going on.

When I founded Life Dynamics in 1992, my goal was to create the most innovative and aggressive pro-life organization in America. That has now become a reality, and we are proud that pro-abortion activists routinely call Life Dynamics the group they fear the most. But starting now, their worst nightmare is coming true ... we are going to fully equip our people!

Today, we are announcing LifeTalk, an all new, monthly television talk show dedicated exclusively to the abortion issue. This is an exciting new concept that's going to give you news, commentary and insights from America's most effective pro-life organization

interviews with spies who work for Life Dynamics inside the abortion industry

information about powerful new pro-life strategies and services

discussions with the movement's leaders, hidden heroes, and grass-roots activists

... plus so much more!

Because LifeTalk comes to you on a VHS cassette, you can schedule it when it's most convenient for you. Of course, you'll also have it around for future reference. In addition, some movement leaders are already pointing out that this one-hour talk show will make a fantastic monthly presentation at churches and pro -life - meetings.

In the first show, you'll see a chilling interview with "Kelly," a Life Dynamics spy who works in a late-term abortion mill harvesting baby parts for sale in the lucrative tissue market. You'll also gain new insight into the grizzly abortion business during a fascinating interview with Eric Harrah.

Until recently, this former homosexual and drag-queen was one of America's most notorious and outrageous abortionists. Now he is a powerful new weapon in the fight for the right to life.

These stories are just the beginning of what you'll see in the first edition of LifeTalk. What you're going to find is that it may not always be pretty, but it's never boring.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Call us toll-free at: 1-800-401- 6494

Watch the show. Then, if you want to become a regular subscriber, the cost is only $35.00 per year for 12 episodes (We told you it was cheap!).


Mark Crutcher

Just a Few of the Issues You'll See on LifeTalk

How Janet Reno and Bill Clinton have turned the justice Department into the abortion industry's private police force

Why a gigantic government agency- CDC-is lying to the American people about abortion safety

Why abortion clinics are closing their doors all over the country

How "mainstream" obstetricians use abortion to cover up their mistakes

Born children being brought into American abortion clinics to be killed

How pro-abortion organizations that openly advocate violence against pro-lifers are being ignored by the media and authorities

Practical and legal ways to keep an abortion clinic from opening up in your community

Circuit rider abortionists: who they are and how to stop them

Why women get raped and sexually assaulted by their abortionists

The hidden, tragic and sometimes fatal risks of induced abortion

Pro-life victories and how the media hides them

How the abortion industry and their lawyers viciously attack any woman who is hurt in one of their clinics

The role major foundations and universities play in the grizzly business of fetal tissue marketing

Insurance fraud, Medicaid fraud and tax evasion in the abortion industry, and how they can be used to shut down the clinics and put the abortionists in jail

How direct mail can be used to destroy the abortion industry

The psychological devastation abortion causes the people who work in the clinics

... and so much more !

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