Pro-Life Websites in the United States

Sites are listed alphabetically by organization  name. The links below go to sites that have a special emphasis on right to life issues.

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United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Secretariat for Pro-life Activities
The website of the pro-life office of the US Bishops, providing Church documents, commentary, press releases, and pro-life programs and publications.
University Faculty for Life
This group was founded in 1989 to promote research, dialogue and publication among faculty members who respect the value of human life from its inception to natural death.
Vermont Right To Life Committee
The Vermont Right To Life Committee, through peaceful, legal means seeks changes in public opinion, public policy, the law, and individual behavior that respect each person's right to life, and reject abortion, euthanasia, and other actions that deny this most basic of all human rights.

Virginia Society for Human Life
This society is a voluntary and non-denominational organization united in the belief that the human being in his innate dignity and should be safeguarded by law at every stage of biological development.
Vital Signs Ministries
Christ-centered pro-life agency, created to help tell the truth about abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, chastity and other life issues
Voice for Life
Our ministry was started in 1992 as an effort to encourage Christians in the Bakersfield (California) area to "speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves" (Proverbs 31:8).  

W.A.K.E. U.P.
Women Against Killing and Exploitation of Unprotected Persons is a movement founded by five mothers which seeks to inform the American public that trafficking of baby body parts is occurring in our nation.
West Virginians for Life
WVFL works to educate through the presentation of detailed and factual information about fetal development, abortion, alternatives to abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and related issues.
William and Mary Students for Life
We educate students about options available to women facing crisis pregnancies, as well as those men and women whose lives are affected in any way by abortion.

Wilson Pregnancy Center - North Carolina
We are a Center who values and protects life by aiding women facing unplanned pregnancy with the information that enables them to choose life. We are working with NIFLA and are affiliated with CareNet. Partner Site -

Wisconsin Right to Life
The vision of Wisconsin Right to Life is to touch hearts and minds so that all will cherish human life.
Women At Risk
National coalition of women who have had abortions who want to hold abortion practitioners to greater medical accountability to their patients, to help women seek compensation for abortion-related injuries, to reduce the number of unwanted abortions, and to help heal women from memories of the abortion experience.
Women’s Center
We offer encouragement and real help for those in difficult circumstance.
Women's Choice Center
We provide free services, counseling and referrals to pregnant and post-abortive women. Our mission is to save the lives of babies threatened by abortion.
Woman's New Life Center
We provide pregnancy assistance including free professional counseling, pregnancy testing and ultrasound in the greater New Orleans area.
Youth for Life
We who were born since 1973 grieve the prenatal deaths of 40 million friends and peers that we never had a chance to meet.
Yuba-Sutter Right to Life
We spread the pro-life message throughout the community of Yuba City, CA.

Zoe for Life
We are an Orthodox Christian Initiative

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