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There is healing for you!

If you are hurting from an abortion, you have a home here. Priests for Life embraces with compassion and forgiveness those who have had abortions. We will lead you to the healing that comes from the Lord, and the care of the Christian Community. We are ready to talk with you and listen to you.

Priests for Life works with ministries worldwide that offer this healing.


Redeeming A Father's Heart
presents the powerful stories of 10 courageous men with the common desire to present the truth of their abortion experience and the consequences of this life changing decision. See more on Redeeming a Father's Heart.

Forbidden Grief
The book, "Forbidden Grief," with which Dr. David Reardon also collaborated, demonstrates that grief after abortion is neither expected nor permitted in our society. Drawing from their vast experience of post-abortion counseling, the authors illustrate some of the ways that this "disenfranchised grief" eats away at the personality, and results in harmful and bizarre behavior. See more on Forbidden Grief.
Ramah International
Book and Ministry for Post Abortion Healing: Ramah International
In one of the latest books on post-abortion healing, Sydna Masse and Joan Phillips team up to courageously share their painful experiences of abortion, as well as their joyful discovery of the healing which Jesus Christ brings. See more on post-abortion healing.
Rachel's Vineyard
The Rachel's Vineyard website contains a schedule of retreats for Post-Abortion individuals.
See more on Rachel's Vineyard.
Finding Hope After Abortion
Go to an abortion facility during its business hours, and you will sometimes see "escorts" who lead the girls in to get their abortion, and "protect" them from the information that pro-life people outside want to give them about alternatives. I often challenge these escorts, "Who is going to escort these girls through the grief, pain, and despair that follow their abortion?" See more on finding hope after abortion.

Abortion: A Choice Against Women
Abortion is often presented as an issue of "women's rights". It is seen as something desirable for women, and as a benefit to which they should have as much access as possible. In fact, to be "pro-life" is seen by some as being "against women's rights". See more on Abortion: A Choice Against Women.

A Brief Summary of Post-Abortion Distress

Post-Abortion Syndrome is a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder commonly experienced by women who have had one or more abortions. Through the process of denial, the woman has blocked the natural grieving process of the death of her child and often has denied her responsibility in the abortion. See more on post abortion distress.
  Repentance and God's Forgiveness after Abortion
Some wounds cut so deep that only one thing can begin the healing process: receiving forgiveness. Countless women cry out, "I didn't believe what they told me at the clinic. I knew better. I knew it was a baby-not lifeless tissue-in my womb, but I went through with it anyway. Even if God can forgive me, how will I ever forgive myself?". See more on repentance and God's forgivenes after abortion.
The Koop Letter
It is becoming increasingly difficult for pro-abortion forces to deny that abortion harms women. Often enough, however, those who do try to deny it invoke a letter which then Surgeon General C. Everett Koop sent to President Reagan in 1989, reporting to the President on the question of the health effects of abortion on women. They claim he told the President there were no negative effects of abortion. See more on the Koop letter.

Abortion Leads to Emotional Damage for Men, Too

You might have heard about a "Roe v. Wade for men" by now. It's a despicable matter, but may also be an unintentional opportunity. See more on Abortion Leads to Emotional Damage for Men.

Abortion and Depression: An Interview with Dr. Theresa Burke
A woman goes through psychological stages in her relation with her unborn child as a pregnancy progresses -- a factor often overlooked in the abortion debate. See more on abortion and depression.
National Memorial for the Unborn
The National Memorial for the Unborn, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, used to be an abortion facility. Now it is dedicated to the memory of those who have been killed by abortion. Moms, Dads, and other family members of aborted babies can contact the memorial and have a plaque put up on the wall there, with an inscription in honor of the child. See more on the National Memorial for the Unborn.

Shrine of the Holy Innocents in which names of aborted children may be enrolled, is a simple but remarkable haven of comfort in the midst of a city filled with abortion chambers. It is located at 128 West 37th Street, in New York City.
More on the Shrine of the Holy Innocents.


A Book of Names
As another sign that our brothers and sisters killed by abortion are not forgotten, Priests for Life will maintain a book of names of aborted children. The book has been placed under the altar in the chapel of the new John Cardinal O'Connor International Headquarters of Priests for Life in New York City. The names of the babies enrolled in this book will be remembered in the prayers and Masses offered in that chapel, and offered anywhere by the priests on staff. See more on a book of names.

Former Abortion Providers
Children aren't the only ones hurt by abortion. It affects the lives of all it touches, including the abortion providers. The following former abortion providers share their testimonies. Many of these come via the kindness of Joseph Scheidler and the Pro-life Action League, which periodically hosts conferences at which former abortion providers publicly share their testimony. See more on former abortion providers.

Survivors of Abortion
The following stories are real-life stories, as told by the people who experienced them. In the midst of all the debate over abortion, here is a place where the victims of abortion finally get to speak up for themselves. See more on survivors of abortion.

Fr. Frank Interviews Dr. Philip Ney

Fr. Frank writes about the priest and post-abortion healing Read more...

Fr. Frank Pavone's talk "Abortion Exploits Women"

Fr. Frank Pavone's talk "Shepherding the Flock After Abortion"

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