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Father Frank Pavone is one of the most outspoken church leaders on the life issues in the world. At Pro-Life Unity, we believe leaders like him will turn the tide in the battle for the unborn. Father Frank's message is strong and clear and will help lift the veil that has clouded the eyes of believers for so many years. - Peter Shinn of Pro-Life Unity

Fr. Frank is, simply, the leading voice of the pro-life movement in America. He is an effective speaker and writer in support of the sanctity of human life - any group that books Fr. Frank to speak will be challenged and inspired to increase its pro-life work. His influence is further magnified by the numerous organizations and ministries that he has created to spread the Gospel of Life throughout society, including in the churches among clergy and laity of all denominations. Whatever superlative one can imagine, Fr. Frank is deserving of it! - Peter Breen, Executive Director & Legal Counsel, Thomas More Society

Father Frank is one the most, if not the most, insightful and compelling pro-life spokesmen to both evangelicals and Catholics alike. As an evangelical, I greatly admire his ministry because his heart for the gospel resonates with mine and he has developed a biblical justification for life that applies to and can be understood by all believers. - Todd Dexter, President, KMA Direct Communications

I am pleased and honored to write a brief recommendation for Father Frank Pavone. I've known and worked with Father for 20+ years and can attest to his absolute and unwavering dedication to ending the physical and mental violence of abortion to women and their unborn children. He continues to be one of the most passionate and articulate spokespersons in the world. - Cecelia Levatino, Associate Broker, Seinborn GMAC Real Estate

Fr. Frank Pavone is one of the most motivated, gifted and inspiring speakers I know. He knows how to motivate others to action and stands firm in his beliefs and convictions. He is a great gift to the Pro-life movement! - Fonda Lash, GEMS Coach, Catholic Pro-life Committee

I whole-heartedly endorse the work of Father Frank Pavone and Priests for Life. Father Pavone is a modern-day reformer whose tireless work on behalf of unborn human beings and their mothers is making a difference and saving lives. - Thomas Glessner-VA, President, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA)

Frank Pavone writes and speaks the Truth with absolute clarity. His communication skills translate into any medium: print, podium, radio, television or internet and he has the gift to reach any audience, young or old, prince or proletariat. He is expert in respecting and protecting life from conception to natural death and I gladly recommend his work to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. - Ian Northon, Deputy Director of Development, Ave Maria School of Law

In the battle to stop abortion, Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life is one of the strongest champions I know. His sincerity and care for both the mother and unborn are distinct. His humility, interdenominational work, eloquence and endless servitude amaze me. He's the real deal. It is an honor to know him and I will gladly serve alongside him any chance I get. - Kyle Rogers, Owner, Jyra Films

Fr. Frank is a tireless worker for the unborn and an eloquent speaker in their defense. He is willing to work with all people of good will to end the tragedy of abortion. He also consistently comes up with some of the best grass roots initiatives in the pro-life movement. -  Chris Morales, Former Associate Director of Speakers Bureau, Priests for Life

Leading all sous to heaven Father Pavone has a unique way of addressing the abortion question in any situation for any gospel reading. he has a true gift for persuasive speaking and educating. I recommend you get his tapes or bet yet see him in person. You will never be the same. - Larry Cirignano, Founder,

I cannot recommend Fr. Frank and his work strongly enough. There are many pro-life voices in our country today. But in my opinion, few have the ability to articulate the truth about life more passionately and effectively as Fr. Frank. Regardless of the specific life topic, Fr. Frank has a knack for being able to explain convincingly why one should embrace the cause of life. And he has long been making use of all forms of media to do this. He will go down in history as one of the true pro-life heroes of our time. - Jerry Usher, Radio Host, Catholic Answers

Father Frank Pavone is not only among the most prominent pro-life leaders in America, he is a driving force in bringing the pro-life movement together. He has worked hard over the past several years to harness the work of various organization fighting for the rights of our unborn brothers and sisters. Through his work, the pro-life community has never been more united and effective. I highly endorse Father Frank and the work of the Priests for Life apostolates. - Patrick Novecosky, Publications Director, Legatus

It has been my pleasure to work with Father Frank Pavone in the National Pro-Life Religious Council. His consistent faith in his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the bedrock of his tireless work on behalf of the vulnerable lives of the unborn. No one I know is more faithful or committed to this calling to serve the "least of these." Fr. Frank is a capable spokesman, writer, and leader. He has my highest regard. - Marie Bowen, Executive Director, Presbyterians Pro-Life, Research, Education, and Care, Inc.

Since he was a parish priest on Staten Island, I've known Fr. Frank Pavone as an articulate, compassionate preacher on all the Life issues. When he became director of Priests for Life he enlarged that organization's horizon effectively networking with all those who believe abortion is wrong in all circumstances. He's used the streets and all modern media resources to spread the word of hope for any woman in a crisis pregnancy, healing for all those who've been affected by abortion and sound reason to confront the spurious supporters of abortion. He energizes crowds at rallies and banquets large or small and converted unbelievers. Fr. Frank never hesitates in helping all individuals and organizations to do anything possible to spread the Gospel of Life. - Christopher Bell, President & Executive Director, Good Counsel

Father Frank knows his subject and has been involved in the pro-life ministry for over 15 years. He is a dear friend and I would recommend his public-speaking talents to you for profound results, spiritually, and as a friend. Top qualities:Personable, Expert, High Integrity - Brenda Desormeaux

I've known Fr. Frank for many years. He has built Priests for Life into arguably the most effective and respected pro-life organization in the world. In my estimation he brings together three crucially important ingredients: (1) He understands the "Gospel of Life" and all the related issues thoroughly and internally, and is able to articulate this understanding easily, clearly, and compassionately. (2) He's an energetic leader and is very organized! (3) Above all, he's a holy priest, and as the name of the organization suggests, his pro-life efforts spring from the faithful exercise of his ordained ministry. I feel honored to know him. - Leon Suprenant, President, Catholics United for the Faith

Father Frank is a forward thinking visionary with the ability to transcend inter- denominational barriers. His charismatic personality and dedication strengthens and unites the Pro Life movement into a potent ecumenical powerhouse. He also is a dynamic prolific speaker championing the Gospel of Life, and causing it to become a potent political force that threatens the culture of death. - Steven Baril, Owner, Baril Consulting

There are few individuals who so faithfully and articulately defend life, as Father Pavone. He speaks and writes clearly in the defense of life. As a news source he is always prompt in responding to queries for quotes. Father Frank is a natural leader in the Church and the pro-life movement. - Tim Drake, Senior Writer, Circle Media (National Catholic Register and Faith and Family Magazine)

Fr. Frank Pavone is one of the most effective pro-life leaders in the national pro-life movement. His forward thinking and ability to work with the many sectors of the movement are just two of his many talents and strengths. I am proud to work beside him as we endeavor to end abortion in our lifetime. - John Jakubczyk, Owner, John J. Jakubczyk, Attorney at Law

It never ceases to amaze me how Father Frank continues to come up with new ways to help people see more clearly just what we're talking about when it comes to unborn human life and the threat it faces from legal abortion. It's safe to say that Father Frank is a major reason why America is more pro-life than it ever has been. - John Burger, News Editor, National Catholic Register

Father Pavone's work at Priests for Life has provided a rare source of straight-up pro-life witness, often enhanced by Father's keen insight into the truth of current affairs, that has been invaluable to the pro-life message in America. - Kathleen Gilbert, U.S. Bureau Chief,

Father Frank is a long-time supporter of our work at EWTN. His programs (the weekly "Defending Life" and the daily "Pro-Life Update" are a vital part of our ministry! - Thom Price, Director of Radio Programming, EWTN

Father Frank is an outstanding National leader and spokesperson for the Pro-Life movement. He is extremely savvy in utilizing all media outlets to deliver a concise and up-beat message of defending life at all stages. - Alan Napleton, President, Catholic Marketing Network

I've heard Father Pavone speak numerous times at various pro-life fundraisers, including Right to Life of Michigan and Crossroads Pregnancy Center, where I'm on the Advisory Board. His speech on "This is my body," is one of the most profound pro-life speeches I've heard. He's a wonderful leader and a very gifted speaker, for any kind of audience. I also had the pleasure of being interviewed by him on the radio and filmed at Priests for Life, where he showed himself to be a humble and warm servant, though a tremendously influential and visionary leader of an organization with incredible depth. - Rebecca Kiessling, Professional Pro-Life Speaker, Rebecca Kiessling

Father Frank Pavone is simply one of the most effective pro-life leaders in our nation -- I've worked with him closely for over ten years. He's fearless, articulate, and unrelenting. He knows who to work with people from all faith traditions who are dedicated to protecting innocent life. It is a privilege to endorse his work. - Deal Hudson, President, &

I have worked for Father Pavone, MEV on two separate internships, one after graduating high-school, and the other, on a summer break between college terms. In total, I have spent more than a year working for him, in multiple positions throughout the company, some of which I was assigned a manager to work under, and others, I was given to report directly to him. Father Pavone is an incredibly driven individual, that will work until a job is complete and fulfills its original purpose beyond initial expectations. As such, working for him was an incredible pleasure and example for myself, and gave me purpose in my work. Although I no longer work with Priests For Life, as I am back in school full time, I value the example that Father Pavone gave to me, and have learned so much from him in organizational management, planning, correspondence, public relations, and a high level of professionalism, that have helped me to obtain positions and make connections that are solid and lasting. I endorse Father Pavone in his work, and the future that he will seek to fulfill. His greatest value? A Roman Catholic priest that unites people for a firm cause, when others before have failed to do so. - Justin Harper, Former Intern, Priests For Life

Fr. Frank is an international powerhouse articulating the duty of all to defend life. He is unique among clergy. He is brave, bold and strategically brilliant. His theology is solid in this world of squishy philosophies. His energy and passion set the example of what a human being would obviously do if his own life was in danger. - Tom Cyr, Tooling Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Fr. Frank Pavone has served for years on the board of directors of our Center For Bio-Ethical Reform. He is arguably the most influential pro-life activist in the world. He commands virtually universal respect because he is clearly the most visionary, strategically focused and intensely driven combatant contesting the abortion wars. He sees this as a war and fights it as a war because it is war. I thank God for his moral clarity, pastor's heart and warrior's spirit. - Gregg Cunningham, Humble Servant, Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

Father Frank Pavone is one the most articulate and concise speakers and presenters on the life cause anywhere in the country. If you have a chance to hear him, or book him for a speech or a panel, do so! - Colin Hanna

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