Political Responsibility Homilies

America's worldview was shaped by pastors. They preached sermons on very specific and practical aspects of life, including fires, earthquakes, and solar eclipses. "Occasional" sermons were sermons preached on significant occasions, and "Annual sermons" were preached each year at a given time. 

The largest collection of annual sermons were the "election sermons," which were preached every year for three centuries starting with the first in Virginia in 1634. Liberty Fund has published 2734 pages of this material in Political Sermons of the American Founding Era, 1730-1805 (and this is only material that does not already appear in other published works).

The war for Independence did not simply take place on battlefields. It was engaged in the pulpits, where the very heart and soul of the people were stirred with a commitment to defend that liberty which only God can give. Indeed, the same is true of America's efforts to rid herself of slavery and of segregation. And today, the same can be said of abortion -- and in that part of history, you are privileged to take your place. 

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 Talking points on Abortion in general

Abortion is primarily a spiritual/moral issue rather than a political one. It violates justice, and therefore the command to love one another.

Alternatives to abortion are available nationwide, as is post-abortion healing and forgiveness.

The Church upholds human freedom, and also upholds the common-sense fact that when someone's choice destroys someone else's life, that's everybody's business, and is a choice that should not be allowed.

Christ is Life, and to stand with Him is to stand with Life, and against whatever destroys life. Nothing in our society destroys more life than abortion (4000 per day).

Talking points on Political Responsibility

The bishops teach that participation in the political process is a virtue, and that every vote counts. Believers are not second-class citizens. Rather, they have every right to strive by legitimate means to shape public policy according to their moral convictions.

All legitimate authority comes from God and is responsible to God. Nations as well as individuals must follow his law.

Protecting human life is no more a sectarian creed than the Declaration of Independence is a sectarian document. Because all rights depend on life, the right to life is the most fundamental issue in any campaign.

Homily Starting points on Election themes for specific Sundays

Note: The pages below provide suggested ways in which the readings for specific Sunday liturgies can lead us into reflections upon our political responsibilities in the weeks immediately preceding the general elections.

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