A Challenge to Our "Pro-choice" Friends

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our web site. We want you to know that we regard the life of every human being as sacred and equal in dignity. That includes you and anyone else who may disagree with us regarding abortion, and that also includes all who obtain or perform abortions. We are, furthermore, convinced of the need for and value of open and respectful dialogue, and are willing to sit down with anyone who is willing to engage in such dialogue.

Whatever position a person takes on any issue, including abortion, that person has a right to know the facts and a duty to respect the facts.

Otherwise, discussion cannot survive and communication is impossible.

Facts about abortion, and what it does, should not be distorted by anyone, whether pro-life or pro-choice. To anyone concerned about abortion, we therefore propose the following questions as a stimulus to thought, and invite you to share your responses with us:

1. Have you ever seen an abortion or its results? (It is the most common surgery in America. You've probably seen other surgeries on television. How about abortion?)

2. Have you ever read Abortion Practice, Dr. Warren Hern's medical textbook on how to perform abortions?

To anyone concerned about women's rights and women's health (as we are), we ask:

1. Have you studied the research that shows the physical and psychological impact of abortion on women? (This is not a question of whether you accept the conclusions. This is a question of whether you have read and studied all the available data.)

2. Have you read the documentation that shows how unregulated the legal abortion industry is, and how women are being exploited, injured, and killed in "safe, legal" facilities? Order the book Lime 5 available from the Life Dynamics website. Have you heard the testimonies of women who have been harmed, or former abortion providers who speak about it?

3. Are those who fight to keep abortion legal, for the sake of women, also willing to make legal abortion safer, for the sake of the same women? In particular, would you support this proposed set of legal safeguards?

On the topic of overall strategy, we ask our visitors to share with us their opinion about Naomi Wolf's article Our Bodies, Our Souls, in which she, though maintaining a pro-choice position, points out what she believes are some critical mistakes of many efforts to advance abortion rights.

Some pro-choice people maintain that abortion is compatible with Christianity, and construct a religious defense of their position, using the Bible and various theologians. The book Holy Abortion? addresses this position.

We invite our pro-choice friends who want to communicate with us to tell us what motivates them to keep abortion legal, and to ask us any questions of their own. Write us or e-mail us at the addresses indicated below. Thank you again for your time and your sincerity.

Fr. Frank Pavone

National Director
Priests for Life

Fr. Frank Pavone Appears on Hannity and Colmes Show with Susan Dudley of the National Abortion Federation

Further questions for pro-abortion people

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