ProLife MAGA Action

What Do We Do Next?

Our fellow pro-life patriots want to know what action we can take to continue Making America Great, which, of course, includes advancing the protection of the unborn.

On this page we will bring to your attention the many action items we can carry out. We also want to bring to your attention the America First Policy Institute. This is not part of the political campaign, but consists of policy experts who helped make President Trump’s first term the resounding success that it was, and are preparing the groundwork for the next Republican White House. Learn more at

For the latest on the Campaign and statements by President Trump, see

Here is some initial guidance on action items:

1. Educate people about the accomplishments of President Trump. Remember, the Democrats don’t just want to keep President Trump out of the White House; they want him out of the hearts, minds and memories of the American people. If the sick, radical Left is trying to “cancel” the memories of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, it’s not hard to conclude that they want to do this to President Trump. But it’s not going to happen, and that in part is because you and I and tens of millions of other patriots will study more deeply and proclaim more loudly all that he has accomplished – and that we have accomplished with him – and we will both defend it and build on it. Begin by studying and spreading in detail all the info at

Order this limited edition book that celebrates the achievements of President Trump found at

2. As one of the specific accomplishments of President Trump, January saw the release of The 1776 Report. This was a result of the President’s special commission to promote patriotic education. Please read and spread the word about this report; it is a great plan for moving forward in America.

3. Joe Biden doesn’t lift a finger to protect the unborn, and in fact, is directing more of our tax dollars to the abortion industry. He signed an Executive Order to reverse the Mexico City Policy, and fully supports legislation that would remove all limitations on abortion. Sign up for our action alerts to push back on the Administration’s pro-abortion efforts at

4. Expose the Democrats. Their extremism does not represent the American people. Expose it, via their platform, their statements, the Biden Executive Orders, the people they appoint, the bills they introduce or oppose, and the votes they take. For instance, the corrupt Democrats are not willing to protect babies born alive after a failed abortion. The Republican House in the current Congress has passed this bill, after the Democrats refused to act in the last Congress. Most citizens who voted for Democrats don’t know they elected supporters of infanticide. It’s time to rip the veil off their eyes, on this and numerous other policies. (See details at www.BornAlive.US.)

5. Get to know your Republican state and federal legislators, back them up, and work with them closely. Reach out to them starting today. We have to coalesce strongly to resist the ridiculous, anti-American agenda of the Democrats.

6. Start working right now on the 2023 and 2024 elections. Find out which state and federal legislators who represent you will have to seek re-election next year. And start building up support for the good ones and opposition to the bad. Let the good ones know you’re willing and ready to help.

7. Invite others to sign up with us at We hold regular election training seminars via Zoom that will enable you to make a difference.

8. A great film is now available for rental or purchase, called “The Trump I Know.” It takes Lara Trump (Eric’s wife) as a guide, and brings us behind the scenes with those who know President Donald Trump the best: family members, Campaign advisors, and White House staff. Obtain it at .

9. Join in and spread the election prayer campaign, at

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