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Life and Choice

Listen to the Following Radio Programs by Fr. Frank Pavone! These programs, of the "Life and Choice" series, taped from 1999-2001, were aired on Catholic Family Radio and heard nationwide.

June 13, 1999: Violence against Pro-Life Advocates; Anti-violence on both sides

June 20, 1999: Father’s Day and Various Dimensions of Fatherhood in Relation to Pro-Life Issues

July 4, 1999: History of Fourth of July from Moral and Spiritual Point of View

July 11, 1999: Events in Pro-Life News; How to Help those in Crisis Pregnancies

July 18, 1999: What does the Bible say about Abortion? Parental notification bill in Texas

July 25, 1999: What does the Bible say about Abortion? (continued)

August 1, 1999: How to respond to slogans used to defend the so-called "right to abortion"

August 8, 1999: What United States Bishops have said most recently about the tragedy of abortion

August 15, 1999: Lies and the Abortion Industry: how lying and murdering go together

August 22, 1999: Reflecting on "Living the Gospel of Life: A Challenge to American Catholics", issued by United States Bishops in November, 1998

August 29, 1999: Who the Holy Spirit is and how our belief in and devotion to the Holy Spirit relates to our Pro-Life convictions

September 5, 1999: Continued Reflections on Holy Spirit; Documentation about how fetal tissue wholesalers place employees in abortion clinics to harvest baby parts and then ship them, and how they get around government regulation

September 12, 1999: Research that influences Pro-Life Movement

September 19, 1999: Jerry Horn interviews Bryan Johnston of the National Right to Life Committee

September 26, 1999: How we respond to those who are terminally ill, and the so called "right to die" 

October 3, 1999: Guest: Joe Scheidler from Pro-Life Action League

October 10, 1999: Guest: Steve Ertelt

October 17, 1999: Interview with Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe from the landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade

October 24, 1999: Legal abortion does not mean Safe abortions. Interview with Debra Cardamone whose daughter Marla died from a so-called "safe and legal" abortion.

October 31, 1999: Interview with Harold Cassidy, and attorney who is bringing a lawsuit that may challenge Roe v. Wade concerning the rights and well-being of women

November 7, 1999: Interview with Loraine LaNeve, previously involved in effort to establish abortion facilities and promote abortion

November 14, 1999: Interview with William Pierce, expert on adoption

November 21, 1999: Interview with Jerry Horn

November 28, 1999: The Fundamental Lie that we determine the Meaning of Reality, Life and the Universe ("choice"); Second Lie about abortion: This is not really a human being that is being destroyed.

December 5, 1999: Representatives from National Association of Pro-Life Nurses interviewed by Anthony DeStefano; implications of abortion and responsibility to fellow human beings; Advent

December 12, 1999: Ignorance of American Citizens to the actual truth about abortion

December 19, 1999: Initiatives Young People are taking to end abortion

December 26, 1999: Concrete things we can do to reach out to women who feel they have no choice: interview with Kathy DiFiore

January 2, 2000: Discussion with Fr. Walter Quinn about how Priests for Life is a ministry of encouragement to the Church

January 9, 2000: Discussion with Fr. Peter West from Priests for Life

January 16, 2000: March for Life/ Interview with Joan Appleton, formerly involved in the abortion industry

January 23, 2000: Interview with Peggy Hartshorn, president of Heartbeat International

January 30, 2000: Gift of Adoption; Interview with Anne Martin Bowler on adoption

February 6, 2000: Interview with former worker in abortion industry, Laura Tivis-Warren

February 13, 2000: Interview with Randall Terry, one who is at the forefront in the battle against the culture of death

February 20, 2000: Practical and concrete solutions to the tragedy of abortion

February 26, 2000: National Prayer Breakfast – Need of God in Government

March 4, 2000: Martin Palmer about Dr. Jerome Lejeune on when Life Begins

March 11, 2000: Terry Reisser on post-abortion healing

March 18, 2000: Former abortion providers Dr. Noreen Johnson and Dr. Haywood Robinson, and Rev. Johnny Hunter National Director from L.E.A.R.N., interviewed by Jerry Horn

March 25, 2000: Organizing Local Pro-Life Activity with Karen Garnett, Diocese of Dallas TX; interview with Patricia Ireland from NOW by Fr. Pavone in Washington DC in front of Supreme Court on Jan 22, 2000

April 1-2, 2000: Government Responsibility: Father Denis Wilde, Jerry Horn

April 8-9, 2000: Pro-life message in the Public Schools / Deacon Joseph Jolin

April 15-16, 2000: The Role of Women in the church, society, the pro-life cause; how Abortion and “abortion rights” affects women. / Pia de Solenni

April 22-23, 2000: Easter Triduum

April 29-30, 2000: Sylvia Gomez, Miss Connecticut 1999: her faith is most important thing in her life

May 6-7, 2000: Gregg Cunningham from the Center for Bioethical Reform: interview By Anthony DeStefano Part 1

May 13-14, 2000: Interview of Gregg Cunningham by Anthony DeStefano, Part 2

May 20-21, 2000: Interview by Anthony DeStefano with Gregg Cunningham, Part 3

May 27, 2000: Do religion and politics mix?

June 3, 2000: Fr. Blair Raum -- Post-abortion Trauma and Healing

June11, 2000: Do Religion and Politics Mix? Political Responsibility and the Upcoming Elections

June 17, 2000: Former Abortion provider Dr. Beverly MacMillan

June 24, 2000: Role of Medicine as a profession of healing and giving life: Dr. William Blazek from Physicians Life Alliance

July 1, 2000: Testimony of Ex-Security Guard of Abortion Facility / Mark Bomchill

July 8, 2000: Should Physicians be able to refuse to participate in abortions based on Moral principles?; “abortion rights” activists imposing morality on rest of us; Mark Crutcher interview about Pregnancy from Rape on Life Talk

July 15-16, 2000: Moral Responsibility in the Election Process; Partial-Birth Abortion

July 22, 2000: Talk given at National Right to Life Convention by Fr. Pavone; Speech By John Cardinal O’Connor

July 29, 2000: Joseph Scheidler; director of Pro-Life Action League

August 5, 2000: Key aspect of Pro-life Movement is to provide alternatives to abortion; Elections coming up; Denise Cocciolone; Terri Ianora

August 12,2000: Chastity - Guest: Molly Kelly

August 19, 2000: Partial Birth Abortion and Government / National Press Conference

August 26, 2000: Rev. Terry Gensemer, Priest of Charismatic Episcopal Church, Birmingham, AL

September 2, 2000: Is abortion good for everyone involved? When a woman “chooses,” does it only affect her?

September 9, 2000: Joan Appleton – ex abortionist, admits to killing 10,000 children, What actually goes on inside the abortion industry?

September 16, 2000: Denise Burke: Regulation or Lack Thereof in Legal Abortion Clinics throughout the Country

September 23, 2000: Bishops speak out on Abortion; address by Dr. Pat Robertson. Election process and moral issue of abortion

September 30, 2000: Health effects of abortion on women, effect on parents of young women, and informed consent

October 7, 2000: Upcoming Elections: Basic Human Rights

October 14, 2000: FDA Approval of Drug Technique RU-486; talk by Dr. Deal Hudson at the 2000 National Right to Life Convention

October 21, 2000: Christian Responsibility as Voters; Letters from Bishops; Jim Bopp: Political Do’s and Don’ts

October 28, 2000: Carol Long-Tobias– NRLC -- Voting and indirectly “electing” Supreme Court Justices; participation in public elections

November 4, 2000: Final Show before Election: Moral Responsibility in Voting

November 10-11, 2000: Dr. Joel Brind: Connection scientifically between induced abortion and Breast Cancer

November 18-19, 2000: Partial-Birth Abortion, Jim Bopp

November 25-26, 2000: Frank McNeirney from Catholics Against Capital Punishment

December 2-3, 2000: Janet Morana: Commentary on Statement of US Bishops

December 9-10, 2000: Truth Squad / Nicole Taylor / Post-abortion testimony

December 16-17, 2000: Jody Eldred: A Christian in Hollywood

December 23, 2000: Remarks from Post Abortion Reconciliation and Healing Convention / Presidential Election now solved

December 30-31, 2000: RU-486 – New Info./ Mark Crutcher from Life Dynamics

January 6-7, 2001: RU-486 abortion technique: Mark Crutcher from Life Dynamics

January 13, 2001: March for Life on Jan 22nd 2001/ Partial Birth Abortion and Senators

January 20, 2001: Is abortion wrong in cases of rape, and health of the mother? How to address these questions

January 27, 2001: Connections between the Eucharist and the Pro-Life movement

February 3-4, 2001: Well how do you know what it’s like to go through a crisis pregnancy? How to answer that argument. / George Bush in Office / March for Life on Jan 22, 2001

February 10-11, 2001: John Scheiler from the National Clergy Council: Dads and abortion

February 17-18, 2001: Abortions after the live birth of a Child / Jill Stanek

February 24-25, 2001: Sydna Masse / Ramah International – post- abortion healing

March 3-4, 2001: Msgr. James Lisante, director of “The Christopher’s” about Church’s Teachings on Life

March 10-11, 2001: Fr. James Capoverdi, Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island

March 17-18, 2001: Cathy Cleaver, new Director of Planning and Information for the Prolife Secretariat of the US Bishops' Conference

March 24-25, 2001: Rev. Rob Schenck; current President of the National Pro-Life Religious Council and the National Clergy Council

April 7-8, 2001: Ernie Ohlhoff, Outreach Director for the National Right to Life Committee

April 14-15, 2001: Melody Green from Last Days Ministries

April 21-22, 2001: Lisa talks about the Pain of Multiple Abortions

April 28-29, 2001: Innovative Pro-life Strategic Actions at Local Level: LifeNet

May 5-6, 2001: Donato Dalrymple: the man who snatched Elian Gonzales out of the waters.

May 11-12, 2001: Fr. Peter West and Fr. Jim Heyd on Developments at Priests for Life in the Media

May 18-19, 2001: Dr. Vincent Rue, Co-Director of the Institute of Pregnancy Loss, on Post- Abortion healing

May 25-26, 2001: Miss Wisconsin and her Mission regarding the Sanctity of Life

June 2-3, 2001: Importance of Elections 2002

June 9-10, 2001: Fr. Clifford Stevens on How to end abortion in “constitutional” terms and arguments

June 16-17, 2001: Missy Smith, founder of “Wake-Up.”

June 23-24, 2001: Rebecca Wasser-Keisling, pro-life speaker

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