A Christmas Eve Reflection

- Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

Most people believe in God. But all too many are afraid to approach Him. They are convinced He exists, but are not convinced that He is on their side.

Questions like What does God expect of me? or How does He want me to worship Him? remain unsolved mysteries.

Moreover, the thought of approaching an unseen, almighty Being who fills the universe in all its parts is both puzzling and scary.

Christmas is meant to change all that.

Christmas is God in human language, God revealing Himself by becoming one of us, so that He can tell us plainly who He is.

Some are afraid to approach an almighty Spirit...but who is afraid to approach a little baby? God becomes a little baby tonight, to call us all to come near to Him.

God comes at Christmas, to reveal that He is indeed on our side, that He conquers our enemies, and that what He expects of us is to follow the teachings of that child who grew up to proclaim the Gospel.

We live in strange times, because even though God made Himself a little baby, some are even afraid of that. Abortion is the primordial evil of our day for many reasons. One reason is that it rejects even the child, the chosen way God invites His people to draw near to Him.

The birth of every child reflects the joy of the birth of Christ, and the meaning of Christmas. Let this New Year bring the world closer to reverence for every birth, every child, every life.

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