A Trail of Tears

Six white horses in the spiritual realm, a higher power at the helm.
Rivers of tears offered in a flood,
because we ignored the rivers of blood.
July 23rd 2010,
freedom riders, women and men.
Maybe we were made for a time such as this, Not one more child given a Judas kiss.
To Atlanta from Birmingham,
We will ride with the Lamb.
The soft sound of sandaled feet,
heaven and earth will forever meet.
In the spirit of MLK,
the love of Jesus will permeate the day.
Protestants, Catholics, Jews and Gentiles, All represented over 147 miles.
The civil rights movement of our generation, As we strive to save our nation.
The battle belongs to the One above,
we rest in the power of the Holy Dove.
A voice for the voiceless is our call,
so that not one more preborn child will fall.
From a culture of death to a culture of life, we will not be ignored as we end the strife.
So we go before this July day,
On our knees as we pray.
Let every mother with child hear the voice, And understand it is not a choice.
“Mom, take not my life, but my hand”,
As the Freedom Riders take a stand!
Terry McDermott

Priests for Life
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