Jerry Horn

Senior Advisor and Director of Public Relations

Jerry Horn, a well known and popular pro-life activist since the early 1980s, serves as Senior Advisor and Director of Public Relations for Priests for Life. A resident of Virginia and the father of seven children, he has worked for this international association of clergy since 1997.

During that time, he has utilized his unique gifts in media, sales, events promotion and fundraising to become an integral part of the management team of Priests for Life. Working directly under Fr. Pavone and Anthony DeStefano, he has been instrumental in bringing about the organization’s unprecedented rate of growth.

A convert to Catholicism, Jerry was for many years an Evangelical Pastor. Born and raised in Midland, Texas, he took a two-year missionary assignment in the Virgin Islands with his wife, Bonnie, before moving to Appleton, Wisconsin, where he became Associate Pastor to Rev. Norm Stone. For over a decade, he and Pastor Stone ministered to the poor, homeless and chemically dependent of the Appleton community. A dedicated pro-life activist, he counseled in front of abortion mills, led marches, and even lived adjacent to an abortion facility.

In 1985, after dedicating himself fully to pro-life work, Jerry helped organize "Walk America For Life," the first of seven transcontinental walks designed to help rouse the Christian churches of the United States to greater participation in the abortion struggle. Acting as front-man and Public Relations Director, Jerry was responsible for generating considerable publicity and focusing national media attention on the event.

Following this success, Jerry worked for Joseph Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League of Chicago, and Judie Brown of American Life League in Virginia. In both organizations, Jerry was called upon to use his skills in fundraising and media relations to advance the pro-life message. As Senior Vice President of A.L.L., he oversaw the creation and development of 70 episodes of the "Celebrate Life" television show, and organized numerous media events, including 1996’s "Bringing America Back to Life," which was attended by over 1500 people!

After converting to Catholicism in 1996, Jerry joined the staff of Priests for Life, where he works today in the Washington D.C. regional office of the association. He credits the remarkable success he has had in his many endeavors to his great enthusiasm for people, his compassionate nature, his ability to network, and most of all, his overwhelming desire to be a true servant of Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Life.

Jerry Horn works out of the Washington, DC regional office of Priests for Life and can be reached at

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