Fr. Frank’s Vocation to the Priesthood

Fr. Frank was ordained to the priesthood by Cardinal John O’Connor, Archbishop of New York, on November 12, 1988.

He was incardinated in that Archdiocese until he was invited by Bishop John Yanta to incardinate in the Diocese of Amarillo, Texas in March of 2005. Bishop Yanta wanted to have a pro-life center there so Fr. Frank could expand his pro-life work even further.

After Bishop Yanta retired, Bishop Patrick Zurek began restricting Fr. Frank’s ministry and told him he wanted him out of the priesthood. The bishop even spread rumors among the other bishops that Fr. Frank doubted his vocation – a lie which was even repeated by the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Pietro Sambi. In reality, Fr. Frank never doubted his vocation for one moment.

Eventually the Vicar for Clergy of Amarillo, Msgr. Harold Waldow, urged Fr. Frank to seek a different diocese because of Bishop Zurek’s animosity towards him.

Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs agreed to receive Fr. Frank and support his ministry. Bishop Zurek refused the excardination, but by a decree dated November 11, 2019 (Congregation for the Clergy, Prot. N. 2019 4532), the Vatican dismissed Bishop Zurek’s concerns and authorized the transfer.

The Congregation for Clergy, however, for reasons they never told Fr. Frank, did not finalize the transfer, and ultimately ordered a dismissal of Fr. Frank from the priesthood. Fr. Frank, however, is asking Pope Francis to reverse that decision, and will continue asking him. If he refuses, then Fr. Frank will ask the next Pope. Fr. Frank knows he is called to be a priest and, by Catholic doctrine, is a priest forever. He will not walk away from that calling.

Meanwhile, he will continue his leadership of Priests for Life and his fulltime pro-life work.

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Letter attesting to Fr. Frank’s Ordination as a Deacon (PDF)

Letter attesting to Fr. Frank’s Ordination as a Priest (PDF)

Fr. Frank's Master of Divinity Degree Diploma (PDF)

Fr. Frank's M.A. Diploma (PDF) .

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