Educational Series on the Supreme Court Case, June Medical Services

The educational videos below on the June Medical Services Supreme Court case are available as a playlist or individually. In this series, we explore the legal issues involved in this case, examine the arguments made in the various Friend of the Court briefs, explore how dangerous and unregulated the abortion industry is, listen to the testimonies of women harmed by abortion, delve into the strategic elements of this case for the whole pro-life movement, and talk about what you can do regarding this case, beginning with participation in the prayer campaign.

New videos will continually be posted here until the case is decided in June so come back to this page frequently.  You can also watch these videos live at www.EndAbortion.Tv or on any of the platforms listed on that page including  

It’s important to educate ourselves about this and other pro-life cases so we can easily and clearly articulate the pro-life message to our family and friends, on social media and wherever else we can.

Please watch, spread the word and share these videos in whatever way possible


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