Prayer Campaign for Dobbs Supreme Court Case

Prayer for a Pro-life Victory at the US Supreme Court

Lord, God and Father of Life,
You love all that you have created,
And protect all who are in danger.

You entrust us to the care of each other
And establish earthly authority
To protect the rights that you yourself bestow.

Lord, your People have failed,
On a personal level and in civic society,
To provide adequate protection
To those who need it the most.

We pray today for the smallest human beings,
The children yet in the womb. 

We pray that their parents will generously welcome them
And vigorously reject any temptation to kill them by abortion.

We pray that our laws will protect their right to life.

Lord, we thank and praise you 
For legislators and governors who have implemented laws
To protect children from abortion.

In particular we thank you for the people of Mississippi
Who have taken bolder steps than most states
To protect children in the womb prior to the point of viability.

Lord, we ask now that this law will be upheld
By the United States Supreme Court. .
We ask, furthermore, that the official decision in this case
Will reverse Roe and Casey

Give your wisdom and protection to the Justices and their families.

Bless also the clerks,
And the attorneys who seek to protect these children.

Help all to realize the simple truth
That more protection is needed
Precisely when a person is more dependent,
And that “viability” is neither a source of human rights
Nor a factor in determining when to protect children from violence.

Lord, as a result of this case now before the Supreme Court,
Give the unborn, and our whole nation, a new and refreshing season of Life.
Bring us a new breath of freedom,
A new measure of common sense,
A rediscovery of justice and wisdom
And a big step forward in building a culture of life.

Your Son Jesus Christ
Came to grant freedom to the oppressed.
Grant freedom, then, to the children in the womb
And in these days, set our nation on a course
Of rejecting the violence of abortion,
And treating children in the womb 
With equal justice under law.

Bring victory in this Supreme Court case
And then bring us even more victories,
Until every child is protected
And every abortion is rejected.

Bring us, O Lord, the victory of Life.

We pray in the Name of Jesus the Lord. Amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life


Public statement from Friends and Allies of Priests for Life

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Abortion is a scar on our culture and a deep wound on our world. Nowhere in the United States Constitution is there any mention of abortion or of the “right” to kill a baby. It is therefore a welcome step by the Supreme Court to use this case to correct the egregious errors that were made in Roe and Casey.

We are committed to pray for victory in this case, that the Court may no longer stand in the way of citizens who, through their elected lawmakers, provide protection to these most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters. Moreover, we are committed to educate our fellow citizens that the children in the womb are as human as the rest of us, and that abortion not only kills them but harms their Moms, Dads, families, and all of us.

We look forward to the day when all will recognize their duty to protect the unborn and bring an end to the violence of abortion.

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