US Supreme Court Abortion Case:
Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization

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“The fetus has an interest in having a life, and that doesn't change, does it, from the point before viability to the point after viability?” – Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, Jr. in Oral Arguments in Dobbs case, Dec. 1, 2021

“The 15-week ban … is the standard that the vast majority of other countries have. When you get to the viability standard, we share that standard with … China and North Korea” – Chief Justice John Roberts in Oral Arguments in Dobbs case, Dec. 1, 2021

“Viability, it seems to me, doesn't have anything to do with choice. But, if it really is an issue about choice, why is 15 weeks not enough time? – Chief Justice John Roberts in Oral Arguments in Dobbs case, Dec. 1, 2021

MS to #SCOTUS in #Dobbs case on #abortion: a) Prohibitions on elective abortion before viability are Constitutional b) The Constitution does not protect a right to abortion or limit the states’ ability to restrict it c) The Court should overrule Roe and Casey

“State legislatures have a duty to declare and secure all fundamental rights” - Brief of 396 State Legislators from 41 States to #Scotus in #Dobbs #abortion case

“America’s #abortion jurisprudence has … gravely damaged our electoral politics…making is a bitter and polarized zero-sum contest for control of the Supreme Court because of abortion.” – Brief of Mary Ann Glendon and Carter Snead to #SCOTUS in #Dobbs case

A key argument in #Dobbs #SCOTUS case on #abortion is that the guidance that Roe and Casey have given the courts is unworkable. The standard is inconsistent, undefined, & confusing. Let the people, through legislation, discern what the laws should be.

“Roe vs. Wade and Planned Parenthood vs. Casey haunt our country. They have no basis in the Constitution. They have no home in our history or traditions. They’ve damaged the democratic process.” - MS Solicitor Gen Scott Stewart, opening lines of oral arguments in Dobbs case

“Mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, and friends… have seen the devastation that abortion can have on women’s emotional, psychological, and spiritual lives.” - from brief of Concerned Women For America to #SCOTUS in the Dobbs #abortion case. -

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