Not Defined by Sin

        Video My name is Nicole Peck and I never thought I would get pregnant as a teen; (we were “in love”.)  I was a student athlete with a bright college future and a baby would ruin my life!  I was afraid to tell anyone.  I felt trapped and saw no other choice.

At the clinic, the staff did not provide counsel about options or complications. I vividly remember the sound and intensity of the vacuum.    They took my money, my baby, and my self-respect. The denial set in immediately & I was relieved and yet sad & depressed.  We never discussed that day or the abortion again. I thought life would return to normal but I was never the same!

The relationship ended and suicidal thoughts began. I was spiritually dead and felt damaged, unlovable, empty & so alone!  I lived for over 10 years with guilt, shame and feeling inadequate and unworthy of love. I had failed relationships and became a workaholic.

Yet God did not define me by my past sin.  I found forgiveness, and hope through Jesus Christ and the Rachel’s Vineyard healing program! I named my baby Peter and finally forgave myself.  
I had hoped to have another baby but reality set in -I would never conceive another child!  Infertility was my cross.  

By God’s grace, my wonderful, husband and I were blessed to adopt two baby boys.  Their mothers’ are my heroes– they gave their children LIFE and gave me a family!  

We stand here because you do have a Choice!  Choose LIFE!  Choose Adoption!  And this is why I am Silent No More!

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