It Imprisons You

        I accepted Christ back into my heart recently. I realized He forgives me, and I am continually working to completely forgive myself. I feel that part of my healing is going to be taking on the great lie.  The Deceiver tells women about abortion. It imprisons you. It places you in bondage of darkness. God has been nudging me to find the right organization where I can become a mouthpiece for Life. I have had a child and placed him for adoption, I went on to have 4 miscarriages, and finally had my son, who is 9 years old.

Then, I had the abortion. I invite any pro-abortion advocate to take on my story. I speak the truth. I have been through it all. If all of this is not enough, I was reunited with my son 4 years ago. He will be 29 next month.  Last week I discovered that he is pro-choice. I am heartbroken. After he was given the gift of life, he arrogantly believes others don't deserve that same gift. He has fallen victim to the culture of death. I believe that was the final nudge from God. And this is why I am Silent No More!

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