The First Song I'll Ever Write For You


Across the street a mother cries,
As her granddaughter dies.
She saw two people enter Planned Parenthood,
A journey she’d have changed if she could.
Her granddaughter dead after being ravaged,
Her daughter now forever damaged.
The effect of abortion spread so wide,
The devastation cannot hide.
For this woman double the pain,
She feels like she is going insane.
Guilt overwhelms her broken heart,
For words not said from the start.
A godly woman sees her tears,
Comes alongside to comfort her fears.
Words just outside her reach,
Yet not a time requiring speech.
Simply to stand with this gentle soul,
Wondering if ever again she’ll be whole.
Through this witness God draws near,
A gentle whisper I believe she’ll hear.
On white ribbon day eternal bells will ring,
All three forever with their King.


I pray for mothers whose kids drive them wild,
For every mother of a preborn child.
I pray for mothers who cannot be,
For them to cling to Jesus, His Blood, and the tree.
I pray for mothers who gave their child away,
For their suffering day after day.
For a mother of an aborted child never born,
And for her heart trampled and torn.
I pray for her regrets and fears,
 I especially pray for her tears.
May every child look their mother in the eye,
My ultimate prayer, they won’t have to die.


California Rain,
Cannot erase the stain.
The sky is crying,
Because of all the dying.
I pray it isn’t so,
Unborn children denied their rainbow.
The darkest hour just before the dawn,
But for aborted children forever gone.
I wonder if the cross can compare,
To the loss your heart now must bear.
You died for us, the unjust,
Now America a total bust.
You forgive seventy times seven,
 Can there be enough space in heaven?
Jesus’ words haunt this poor soul,
Maybe never again to be whole.
“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do,”
As we devastate baby blue.
Jesus’ tears and pain,
California rain.

If you could only see my face,
A little tear possibly a trace.
Hear the beating of my heart,
As my tiny life begins to start.
 Too small to know what you’re going through,
Come along side me and I’ll be there for you.
As the days go by see me bloom,
I’ll sing you a song, just make room.
A burden I’ll try not to be,
You will always be a part of me.
Feel like your drowning on dry land,
Reach out and take my hand.
Experience a love like no other,
The love of a daughter for her mother.

I am passionately pro choice,
Yet in my heart, a tiny voice.
Keep Jesus out of my womb,
My choice if it is to be a tomb.
I have a right to privacy,
Why can’t you just let me be?
My body, my control,
I believe that in my soul.
Every child a wanted child,
Pro life people drive me wild.
Yet a gentle whisper I seem to hear,
Always accompanied with a tear.
My heart seems to run red,
When I think of my child waking up dead.
I must admit there may be strife,
And I’m thankful my mom chose life.
Afraid to have an ultrasound,
I’ll see a beating heart and be bound.
Maybe it’s time to give up the fight,
Follow my heart, do what is right.

The day I gave my child away,
Thought I’d always have to pay.
Overwhelmed with guilt and sadness,
I felt on the edge of madness.
I thought I had disappointed my King,
Yet He slowly took away the sting.
Regrets I may always have,
But His love is a healing salve.
He smiled when I chose life,
Didn’t give up my child to the knife.
I feel light years ahead,
Thankful my child did not wake up dead.
I have to say I love you in a song,
It is for your hand that I long.
Like sunshine on a cloudy day,
In December I’ll be your May.
Let me see the morning light,
Come Monday, you’ll be alright.
Release me, let me go,
I’ll love you like you’ll never know.
Blessed from above,
The sunshine of your love.
 I’ve got to get a message to you,
Don’t you make my brown eyes blue?
Do not lead me to the slaughter,
I’m not heavy, I’m your daughter.
Broken hearted melody,
Please simply let me be.
Try a little tenderness,
To my life, just say “Yes!”
My simple plea,
Stand by me.
My poor heart shattered in two,
As I ended the life of baby blue.
Overwhelmed by the thought of a baby,
If only I would have said, “Maybe.”
The sense of loss has taken its toll,
It is the dark night of my soul.
The one thing for which I long,
An old Bob Seger song.
“It might not seem like much
But it’ll mean a lot you’ll see
Every hour you survive will come to be
A little victory
And as you struggle through each day
Feelin’ lost and wounded tryin’ hard to find your way
No one there to talk it out with
Learnin’ how to sleep alone
Overcomin’ each new doubt
Tryin’ hard to accept it all
Every time you keep control when you’re cut off at the knees
Every time you take a punch and still stand at ease
Little victories
And when the night falls and there is no one around
The cruelest time of all not one sound
Listenin’ to the wind blow
Listenin’ to the ticken’ of the clock
Tryin’ hard to forget
Tryin’ hard to accept it all
As you step out into the night take a lesson from the trees
Watch the way they learn to bend with the breeze
Little victories
Every time you make it through
It’s another little victory
Day by day minute by minute
Little victories”

I feel so very cold,
If only I’d been told.
Never really had a clue,
Now I am forever blue.
If someone had come along side,
The two of us would not have died.
You were never allowed to run your race,
My heart’s dead, taking up space.
Way too young for the responsibility,
Outside pressure overwhelming me.
My loneliness cuts to the bone,
My only prayer simply a groan.
If only truth had carried the day,
I believed the lies, now I pay.
Now I see, when once I was blind,
Just needed someone to be kind.
Never close to feeling so alone,
I live with a heart of stone.
I see a child, I close my eyes,
A little more of me dies.
God alone knows my fate,
So for now I simply wait.
Is there grace enough this day,
To turn my December into May?

A child hanging by a thread,
Eventually waking up dead.
Abortion taking its toll,
On the American soul.
The American heart beyond black,
An aborted child never to be taken back.
The choice is between a doctor and a mother,
Sadly forgets there is one other.
Our moral compass upside down,
Heading South in every town.
Church leaders rarely say a word,
Those who speak are not heard.
Christians forget who they work for,
Need to turn and look at the Door.
Never, ever let it be,
Avoid a rendezvous with destiny.
No words, nothing at all,
Silent tears begin to fall.

If Only I Had Known
I really did not have a clue,
Would not have given up baby blue.
Never dreamed she was a life,
Could have ended years of strife.
If I had known I carried a baby
I would have at least said, “Maybe”.
A child I never knew,
The information was not true.
If I could have made an informed choice,
I would still be listening to her voice.
Years of tears for a wrong decision,
Given the truth I would have had a vision.
An ultrasound would have given her a start,
I just needed to see a beating heart.
She would not have been ravaged,
I would not be forever damaged.
 Every Sunday I sat in the pew,
Wondering if anyone knew.
Suffering in silence,
Because of the violence.
I walked through a door,
My child to be never more.
When I walked out she was a dead,
I am still going out of my head.
The elephant in the room,
Abortion, my little girl’s tomb.
I needed my church to be a voice,
Help me live with a wrong choice.
In church there are many like me,
You just cannot let it be.
I needed to hear that Jesus will forgive,
My only chance to once again live.
Grace should have been the message of the day,
But now I just continue to pay.
If my Pastor had discussed my loss,
I could have laid it at the cross.
Handed Jesus all my shame,
Moved beyond all the blame.
To the cross my guilt I’d pin,
Then the healing would finally begin.
Hearing the soft sound of sandaled feet,
As Jesus’ eyes and mine would meet.

To Die Alone
Oh, what a tortured soul,
A weary man, never whole.
A heart filled with woe,
That of Edgar Allen Poe.
His words cut to the bone,
Forever etched in stone.
“I dwelt alone,
In a world of moan.”
I first thought of a child unborn,
As her arms and legs are torn.
Now dead because of death Roe,
An evil deed America did sow.
There is hope with a new Supreme Court,
Little lives never again cut short.
Defund Planned Parenthood, they have sinned,
Disappear like dust in the wind.
The right to life for ALL human beings,
An ultrasound shows a life worth seeing.
America must end the world of moan,
A child never again to die alone.

When Irish Roses Cry
Early morning dew,
Another child blue.
As death a mother chose,
A teardrop falls from a rose.
Most see a red flower and water,
I see blood and an aborted daughter.
The sun starts to rise,
As I am blessed with crying eyes.
I walk through crimson roses everywhere,
Seeing death and an eternal stare.
The sky is crying, feel the pain,
Down my cheeks teardrops rain.
Do my prayers fall to the ground,
Never, ever making a sound?
Jesus will not turn away,
So I pray them anyway.
Yet another child will soon die,
And a red rose will cry.

The Family of Man
Oh JESUS, my God Who has risen,
The execution chamber is not in a prison.
Three thousand killings every day,
Nine hundred thousand, June through May.
Deaths door hiding in plain sight,
Victims ravaged, no chance to fight.
Tear down the walls so all can see,
Need to let the little ones be.
America’s most dangerous place is a tomb,
Children die in their mother’s womb.
Is there grace enough these days,
Or is this the time America pays.
The civil rights movement of our generation,
End the slaughter, save our nation.
Executing innocent children we need to ban,
Oh JESUS, I cry for the family of man.

Empty Arms
 Oh, what a mother goes through,
When she gives up baby blue.
Days when I couldn't get out of bed,
Days full of nothing but dread.
A broken heart seemingly beyond repair,
Looking out the window with a hollow stare.
Thinking about when I was a little girl,
Dancing with dad, giving me a twirl.
Why did everything turn out so wrong,
Oh, to start over how I long.
How can it be,
I've lost part of me.
Can I ever turn the page,
Move beyond this painful stage?
My heart broken in two,
A deep shade of dark blue.
God, I pray if you are real,
It is the time for You to reveal.
The emptiness seems beyond repair,
Days like this, I just don't care.
Is there grace enough these days,
Is it time to be the one who prays?
Help me place my trust in You,
By default, nothing else I can do.
Is that a smile I see on Your face,
Your love for me beyond time and space?
I chose life for baby blue,
A mother's love through and through.
I trust in eternity,
Where I eventually long to be.
 You are the God of heaven and the second chance,
Where my child and I will forever dance.
A singer once sang in country lore,
"These empty arms, I'll have no more."

“It’s Too Sad To Write”
A blind country singer,
With eyes to see the truth,
On my heart he put his finger,
I didn’t need any proof.
“Now my broken heart
Cries for you each night,
It’s almost like a song,
But it’s much too sad to write.”
Our politicians proclaim words I find odd,
“We are one nation, under God….
With liberty and justice for all”,
And my heart hits the wall.
Over fifty million hearts torn in two,
Our leaders have not a clue.
“Justice for all”, the American lie,
Look at the blood, see our children die.
Where is the “liberty” for the unborn,
Tiny bodies, apart they are torn?
We scold other nations for civil rights abuse,
America, what is our excuse?
Pen a prayer for fifty million who lost their fight,
But it’s just way too sad to write………….

The Unknown Child

The grave of the unknown soldier is a special place,
The unknown graves of aborted children, a national disgrace.
To die before a name,
The ultimate American shame.
Where are the millions of tiny caskets,
Discarded in darkness in metal baskets?
Little coffins stretched from east to west,
We just may have killed America’s best.

The American Lie

I looked at the U.S. Supreme Court,
Thinking about the children we abort.
The lie on the building is all I saw,
“Equal Justice Under Law”.
Blood dripping from each word,
Tiny tears need to be heard.
The most innocent and loving of all,
Continue to take the fall.
America tries to hide her shame,
There is no one else to blame.
We deny them justice in a hurry,
No trial, judge or jury.
Our country imploding from within,
Innocent blood our national sin.
Tiny caskets from East to West,
Just may have killed America’s best.
Change the sign on the Supreme Court,
Before another child we abort.
A little truth would go a long way,
Let the children have their say.
“No Justice for the Unborn,
America’s heart forever torn.”

Liberty Lament

Can you see me as I stand tall,
My eyes overlooking all.
A woman representing liberty,
Yet so many children never free.
Long ago a gift from France,
I see child who will never dance.
A freedom torch I raise high,
While American children continue to die.
It is suppose to represent light,
Yet darkness far from out of sight.
“Land of the free,
Home of the brave”,
How can it be,
Millions of children we never save.
Life, liberty and justice for all,
The American lie, how far can we fall.
No equal protection under the law,
As unborn children get a bad draw.
Beyond the darkest shade of black,
America’s best, stabbed in the back.
The crack widens in the Liberty Bell,
Can you hear the applause from hell?

The Crimson Wall

January 22, 1973,
How can it be.
Forty six years of decimation,
Leading to the ruin of our nation.
(Death) Roe because of seven to two,
A deep shade of baby blue.
Abortion the elephant in the room,
As a womb becomes a tomb.
Over two thousand children butchered every day,
Never, ever allowed to play.
January 22, 2019,
Sixty million children never seen.
Who should live, who should die,
America needs to look God in the eye.
Our country has bought the lie,
Eat the fruit, you will not die.
Like God you will be,
And your child will take a knee.
Time to end the sea of red,
No more children waking up dead.
A crimson wall with sixty million spaces,
No names, no faces.

A Window into Hell

Planned Parenthood, a blight on our nation,
In the business of desecration.
I was too blind to see,
Should have let the little ones be.
I managed this killing field,
While my heart needed to be healed.
A mother with guilt in her eye,
As she sadly said goodbye.
My heart broken in two,
A damaged mom, a dead baby blue.
Company lines taught to say,
While the truth got in the way.
America’s prolific killing machine,
Behind closed doors, never seen.
I was blessed with an eternal stay,
As I turned and walked away.

Through Hell’s Back Door

I drive a deathly vehicle,
Hauling away God’s miracle.
A backdoor man am I,
Behind a building where children die.
Unwanted children tossed in the trash,
Tiny bodies burned in a flash.
Planned Parenthood devastation,
American abomination beyond desolation.
The word “health” over the front door,
The ultimate lie as death is in store.
A special container, really a casket,
Contains dead children, trying to mask it.
I drive away in my “hearse”,
Realizing it’s about the purse.
A bounty on the head of a child,
Dollars for death, God defiled.

Blood on a Shoe

My reaction was truly “Unplanned”,
Never too late to take a stand.
Having stood at the gates of hell,
Surprised as tears fell.
Must never, ever forget,
All the pain and regret.
The Father of Lies at the helm,
In the Planned Parenthood spiritual realm.
A purveyor of death and destruction,
All I saw was the suction.
The ugly truth of desecration,
Vulnerable women and God’s creation.
I could see incense rising to the Lord,
The prayers of pro lifers indeed soared.
The movie took me back so I would see,
To Sacramento and a tree.
Many years ago at Planned Parenthood,
A cross in a tree, carved in wood.
I recall a Psalm when it all started,
“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted.”
“Unplanned” broke me in two,
Undone over baby blue.
What really pierced me through,
Were drops of blood on a shoe.

Lonely Teardrops
A young woman asked for prayer,
My question promoted a stare.
"If Jesus stood here out of the blue,
What would you like Him to do?"
She replied with a simple plea, 
She softly whispered, "Hug me."
Abortion, her recent story,
She needed Jesus in His glory.
I was broken in two,
My heart pierced through.
Hard not to cry,
Looking for wings to fly.
Words that brought me to my knees,
Praying for a holy breeze.
A cloud of sadness over her head,
A lonely woman trying not to wake up dead.
I prayed the best I could,
I walked away with the sky crying.
Thought of Jesus and His dying,
Were His teardrops on my face,
Beyond grateful to have been in that place.
Blessed to have this woman's back,
Though the right words I surely lacked.
I placed her needs at the throne of grace,
The ultimate celestial place.
Trusting Jesus was in that space,
A lonely teardrop on her face.

Death Roe 
A young child has not a clue, 
That its life is about to be through.
 In what should be the safest place, 
Their life about to be erased.
Hundreds of thousands every year, 
Will have stolen what we hold dear.
 Convicted of living in a womb,
 Now transformed into their tomb. 
America arrogantly lives a lie, 
Sentencing innocent children to die. 
Has no interest in hearing the truth.
 Our country is upside down, 
Abortion rampant in every town.
 A little heart beats at 24 days,
Don’t expect any execution stays.
 Arm and legs torn apart, 
Forever silencing a broken heart. 
Another life about to fade,
In innocent blood his feet Wade.
 Millions of coffins in a Roe, 
The winds of change starting to blow. 

Crying Clouds
The clouds are crying,
Seeing all the children dying.
The rain rolls down my face,
For the kids of every race.
Lord, shake down the thunder,
Witness against this Satanic blunder.
Jesus, we cannot do this alone,
The horror of abortion cuts to the bone.
Like Elijah, we call down the fire,
Into sulfur the Dragon liar.
Clouds of darkness shall not prevail,
On the wings of prayer You will sail.
Out of the boat every child deliver,
May they all cross the Jordan River. 
Every child never to be alone,
Forever and a day with the Cornerstone.

Eye to Eye

So close, I can see me in Your Eyes,
The tears on my face are not lies.
The Sky is crying,
Over all the dying.

I prayed for Your presence,
You gifted me with Your essence.
In Scripture You cried twice,
A love that will more than suffice.

Your tears make me whole,
Though they do take a toll.
Rivers of tears flow down each cheek,
The result of the havoc we continue to wreak.

My heart broken by what breaks Yours,
Beyond time to close abortion doors.
Indifference to the Truth devastates me,
Open all wombs and let the children free.


Before Jesus was born,
Children burned, bodies torn.
I stood on this evil ground,
As death did abound.

Destruction of a civilization,
Killing children ended their nation.
Was innocent blood still in the ground,
In this ancient North African town?

I walked around without a clue,
Standing in black and blue.
Took a stone as a souvenir,
God knew I would hold it dear.

I look at it and see red,
America, abortion, and children dead.
The Old Testament talks of the carnage,
I’ll never, ever forget Carthage.

Pro Jesus, Pro Life

Know what you gotta know,
Do what you gotta do.
Go where you gotta go,
And always pray for baby blue.

Even if no execution stay,
Pray it anyway.
Pray together, pray alone,
Pray like you’ve been chilled to the bone.

Prayers that cut like a knife,
See His tears, end the strife.
Prayers which are not mild,
Prayed with the faith of a child.

Call upon the Name of the Lord,
Every prayer in heaven stored.
Seek His face, He will be found,
Let your heart become unwound.

Hear the soft sound of sandaled feet,
Your eyes and His will meet.

Tears in Heaven
The 7th of May,
America needs to pray.
Without the words to make things right,
Turn to Jesus day and night.
Blood on the floor of the throne of grace,
Need to repent of our national disgrace.
Washington to Sacramento,
Millions of coffins in a row.
Aborted children, East to West,
May have killed America’s best.
The sky is crying,
The little ones are dying.
A mother’s womb,
Becomes a tomb.
Is there grace enough this day,
To turn December into May?
Is God’s heart broken in two,
All because of baby blue.
On God our prayers are pinned,
The answer blowin’ in the wind.
On May seven,
You’ll see tears in heaven.

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