Stepping Up

        The fact that I am the only man giving a testimony today demonstrates the tragedy of the “other Partner” and the reluctance of men to own up to their responsibility in the abortion issue. The science speaks for itself, a man and a women create a life, a baby. Men, it is time we step up, we are 50% of this issue.

In 1974 while living with my girlfriend and in 1980 while married to my first wife, I, with benign neglect, participated in two abortions. Looking back on that atrocity I can only recall my insensitivity to the procedure, equating it to a dental appointment, “something that needed to be removed”. My unawareness at the time to this “life-changing” tragedy has been with me ever since. Every time I see a new born, and I have a 16 month and 4 month old grandchildren, I’m reminded of my lack of manhood and initiative in not taking a stand to persuade the mothers to continue their pregnancies.

In the years after the loss of those two innocent lives I fell into the world of “Me”. My first marriage ended soon after the abortion, and I led a Godless existence of self-indulgence and excess. This all came to a turning point when I had to face major back surgery with the possibility of not walking again. As a cradle Anglican I succumbed to God’s call to repent and turned to Him for forgiveness. I returned to the church where I had attended 20 years before in Newport Beach and asked the prayer team to pray for me. And yes, I gave my life to Christ. From that day forward I have been a changed man. My surgery was successful and while recovering I met my wife, Jann. We were married at that same church 31 years ago. Our marriage had it challenges, as Jann and I lost our first child through miscarriage.

God had a plan for Jann and I, and he used our early lives and experiences to be instruments of His purpose in this fallen world. As a contributor to two abortions I would now be married to a women adopted at birth. She, the survivor of a mother who made the choice for Life and me, the spineless man that couldn’t say no, there is another choice.

Today, with my wife’s leadership as the founder of the Anglicans for Life Ministry at that same church, St. James Anglican, I have put that tragedy that took place 30 years ago at the foot of the cross. Going forward my commitment is to speak out and encourage men to step forward and shed the burden of their past indiscretions through healing power of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Men need to know that as it is with women, condemnation is not the goal, it is all about forgiveness and healing. God forgives us, He loves us but he does want us to be bold and SILENT NO MORE!

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