I was Devastated that I Had Taken my Own Child's Life

I had an abortion because I had an affair. A friend of mine who had many of them told me "oh It’s no big deal, they give you a valium and you go in and get it done, then it’s over and problem solved".  Little did I know that the problem was not solved.  It only just begun! 

I was sick to my stomach when I heard that machine taking my baby out of my body and then the real pain began. I was devastated that I had taken my own child’s life!  I went through many years of pain and suffering and hating myself.  I was waiting for God to take my son that I got pregnant with 3 months after my abortion because I thought I didn’t deserve him and that was the way God was going to punish me.  

Until one day I finally said I have to get help and I got it and finally feel forgiven and free!!  Now I want to save other women from this heartache so I have decided that I am silent No More!!

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